A Cape Town Property Development Company Goes Luxe

Urban Lime wanted to replace its stark offices with a rich, luxurious atmosphere that whispered “New York corporate office”.

Image courtesy of Inhouse.

When Urban Lime, an international property development company based in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, wanted to redesign the first two floors of its building, it turned to Inhouse Brand Architects. Urban Lime wanted to replace its stark offices with a rich, luxurious atmosphere that whispered of New York corporate office. To accomplish that, Inhouse implemented a sophisticated set of dark tones in its walls, floors, and furniture, but kept the offices feeling bright and airy with elements like track lighting, pendant lighting and downlights.

According to a press release, “not only do Urban Lime’s staff members [now] have a comfortable, contemporary workspace, but the company’s client-facing zones and meeting areas successfully reflect the world-class development work that has established Urban Lime as a leader in the field.”

Image courtesy of Inhouse.

When was the project completed?


What is the total square footage?

1,378 square feet

What is the location’s proximity to public transportation and other amenities?

A host of restaurants, retail shops, and public transportation options are located right out the front door.

Image courtesy of Inhouse.

Which furniture brands/dealers were used? Please touch upon any notable products, how they were used, and if they solved a specific problem.

The desk and tables are by Ergoform and Anriek Welding, and Newport Lighting Concepts and Design did the desk lights. Hertex did the rugs, and LIM did the coffee table. The arm chairs are by Weylandts and Klooftique, while the other chairs are sourced from Chair Crazy and Red Apple. The couch is by DAG. Tafelberg did the appliances, and the signage is by Ukwenza.

Image courtesy of Inhouse.

How is the company’s brand reflected in the space?

As a property development company, the Urban Lime office was inspired by New York’s luxurious offices. In addition to this, the warehouse conversion trend was applied to the overall aesthetic. Different aspects from different property trends were incorporated into the space.

Image courtesy of Inhouse.

What is the most unique feature about the new space?

The first floor of the Urban Lime building is dedicated to client-facing activities; it also functions as an informal meeting area. We introduced more luxurious elements into this area in order to reflect the importance of its function. We also made the space more flexible by incorporating moveable furniture that could be easily adapted to accommodate groups of different sizes.

Image courtesy of Inhouse.

Please talk about any other notable aspects of the project that make it unique.

Spatial dimensions presented an issue that affected the design process, in that the offices are not overly large. The selected design scheme called for the inclusion of a deep, dark palette to create an air of sophistication. These elements were introduced via the wooden flooring, wall paneling and furniture used throughout. However, we were concerned that the dark scheme would appear to diminish the scale of the office by making it look smaller. In response, we specified different forms of lighting to create a more generous sense of space while managing to retain the deep palette. Thus, the best use of lighting to make the space seem larger, makes it unique.


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