Finally: A Flexible and Functional Panel System

Kimball’s Narrate is customizable and reconfigurable; perfect for open plan spaces. See Narrate in person at our showroom located at 325 North Wells St.(across from the Merchandise Mart), Suite 100.

Tell Your Story Chicago 2017 from Kimball Office on Vimeo.

We’re back with more NeoCon 2017 product coverage! This week we’re featuring Kimball‘s super-customizable Narrate panel system, one that’s perfect for open plan settings. Scroll to learn more, and stay tuned for more product profiles in the coming weeks!

How does the product contribute to “new ways of working”?
Narrate is a departure from the ordinary panel system, offering a look that’s simple and structured, clean yet visually interesting. In the open setting, Narrate breaks down walls and brings people closer together for a design-centric approach to the panel system.

Who was the designer of the product?
KO Design Team

What was the inspiration behind the product?
In open office landscapes, visual expression is more essential than ever. Whether it’s a first impression or defining space for activities, aesthetics play an important role in communicating brand voice, employee personality, and company aspirations. Bold or subtle, dramatic or contemporary, visual expression can happen anywhere — yet for decades, system surfaces have largely been ignored. Narrate changes that dramatically, giving the panel a lead role in workplace design.

Crisp, clean, and design-oriented, Narrate opens a new world of design possibilities. Embrace end panels to make a statement. Enhance the open workstations with integral components. Insert a variety of materials. Punctuate specific work zones. Elevate the brand story with end panels featuring customized graphics, mixed or layered materials, or artisan-inspired panel options.

With an advanced infrastructure, Narrate fully supports teams with a seamless integration of storage, technology, and the choice of static or height-adjustable work surfaces. Technology is effortlessly incorporated with the ease of connection through any panel and cleanly concealed through the system’s midway. The collection also allows “shelters” that create visual interest, acoustical separation, and areas for private concentration.

Image courtesy of Kimball.


When was the product introduced?
June 2017

What do you think our readers will love about the product?
Narrate is a design-centric approach to the panel system. With its clean aesthetic, customizable end panel options, and unique design elements Narrate is an expressive, flexible system that can be a place for teams, a touchdown space for mobile workers, or an open spot for workplace guests.

What is the price?
Still being finalized.

Anything else notable about the product that we ought to know?
Kimball Office will offer standard end panel options in fabric, TFL/HPL, wood and resin but users can create customizable end panels with graphics, logo’s, etc., to reflect their brand and bring a unique element to the workstation.

Where can we find you at NeoCon 2017?
325 North Wells St.(across from the Merchandise Mart), Suite 100

Will the showroom be hosting any special events?
Monday, June 12 from 4:00-7:00 PM — there will be a DJ, cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres.


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