2017 Work Design TALKs: The Changing Nature of Work and the Workplace

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Chair of the Month

Bob Fox
Bob Foxhttps://www.fox-architects.com/
Bob is an industry leader and the founding partner at Fox Architects in Washington DC, celebrating 20 years of design professionals working together to reshape the office and work environment. Bob also publishes Work Design Magazine, which, with its thousands of global subscribers, is the premier online publication dedicated to workplace strategy, information, and resources. Bob earned his B.A. in Architecture from Temple University in Philadelphia. When he’s not innovating new concepts for the workplace, Bob leads a competitive sailing team on his 44-foot race boat, “Sly.” He’s been racing offshore for almost 20 years, sailing more than 30 thousand nautical miles of open ocean. Bob lives in the Washington DC area with his wife, son, and three daughters. He remains focused on our changing work environments, and the state of workplace design today, and looking ahead to dynamic shifts that are forthcoming.

We’re teaming up with WeWork and Swingspace to bring you five new events across the country and in Canada!

Image courtesy of WeWork – Chicago.

We are thrilled to announce a new events partnership with WeWork and Swingspace; two organizations who are also disrupting the workplace industry.

Together, we’ll dig into why — as we experience this once-in-a-lifetime shift in how, when, and where we work — we still build office space. What advantage — whether in driving innovation, attracting and retaining top talent, and improving the bottom line — does expensive real estate still bring to today’s businesses? Where do organizations get the most benefit from their workplace?  And how is the workplace being used to advance the goals of these organizations?

In each city — along with a panel of business leaders, developers, designers, and WeWork experts — we’ll explore:

  • The real benefits that companies are getting out of their workplace today
  • What is really important for businesses and leadership today
  • How CEOs can use their workplaces as tools to drive innovation in their company
  • How the workplace industry has the power to create space and set the conditions for innovation
  • What are the lessons learned

We hope you’ll join us on one of the following dates:

Washington, DC  WeWork Tysons • June 28  Buy Ticket(s) Here
Los Angeles
  WeWork Burbank • July 11  Buy Ticket(s) Here
Chicago  WeWork Kinzie • September 19  Buy Ticket(s) Here
Atlanta  WeWork Tower Place • October 17  Buy Ticket(s) Here
Toronto  WeWork Richmond Street West • November 14 Buy Ticket(s) Here

You can learn more and sign up for each TALK by clicking on the appropriate city and date above, and stay tuned: you’ll be able to follow the conversation preceding and following TALK with dedicated emails.

Interested in being involved? Contact Michelle Weiss at [email protected]

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