Just Launched At NeoCon: Geiger introduces Geiger OneTM

Geiger introduces Geiger OneTM Casegoods to meet the changing needs of today’s workspaces with a tailored, elegant design solution.

A private office solution featuring Geiger OneTM

How will the product impact workplace design?

Perhaps more than any other category of office furniture, casegoods are less about products and more about solutions. Often, these solutions are specially crafted for clients. At Geiger, this has typically meant working directly with interior designers to pull together parts and pieces from various product lines to create something unique that meets their clients’ specific needs in terms of fit, finish, and functionality. With Geiger One, we’ve taken what we’ve learned working with A&D and used it to inform a new approach to casegoods design.

Does the product contribute to new ways of working?

Geiger One can be used to create open plan applications with practically limitless configurations.

Height-adjustable, sit-to-stand work surfaces are the rule, not the exception—including L-shaped and cantilevered work surfaces in a range of materials, from laminate to stone. Geiger One also provides options for embedded power access. It’s possible to charge devices through the desktop or within a power drawer, which features a concealed duplex outlet and two USB ports.

A benching solution for the open plan office from the Geiger OneTM product line

Can you tell a story or give an example of how this product can be used in a project?

Geiger One is a new concept in casegoods design. We envision it as a blank slate for designers to use with their clients to create their own customized solutions for a variety of spaces—private offices, open plan, even collaborative areas. The starting point wasn’t an aesthetic or application, but rather a versatile infrastructure that can be built upon using a standard kit of parts to create spaces that feel custom. With height-adjustable work surfaces as the standard and a broad range of materials, finishes, and price points available, Geiger One can be the first step in creating high performing workplaces for a range of organizations.

An alternate benching configuration – note the adjustable height worksurface!

Brian Fuller led the product development team for Geiger and was able to add some key background information for this profile.

What was the inspiration for this design of this product?

The extent of the Geiger One offer was driven by the functional needs of organizations today, and its kit of parts was built around meeting those needs. A wall frame with easy fascia connections is the backbone of the system. It provides structure in open plan applications and can be easily affixed to architectural walls in private offices. This approach reduces install time and opens possibilities for practically limitless configurations.

What innovations in use of materials or fabrication are utilized in the manufacture of this product?

Geiger One allows you to achieve the look you desire within the budget you have. While still a category in which Geiger excels, premium veneer casegoods may not be the best option for every client. Recognizing this, Geiger One features expanded material options, including the addition of thermally fused laminate (TFL), soft touch laminate, solid woodwork surfaces, and more. With these at their fingertips, designers can use Geiger One to create the mixed-material expressions favored by a spectrum of growing companies today.

A private office solution – in a Paldao veneer shows the versatility of material selections

Where do you think the installation of this product will be most effective?

Geiger One offers the application flexibility to essentially cover the entire office floorplate. Its kit of parts can be used to design private and shared offices, open plan environments from reception/admin stations to benching, collaborative spaces such as coffee bars, and more. Before Geiger One, many of these applications would have required custom options. With Geiger One, creating a custom feel has become standardized.

A year from now what would be the most exciting thing you could think of that would find out about how the product has been accepted, specified and installed in projects?

We would be thrilled to know that the people sitting in our workstations love their spaces and feel that the spaces were designed for their needs.

When will the product be available?

Order entry is planned for Fall 2019.

What do you think our readers will love about the product?

Designers will love that the product line is built from a kit of parts that are standard and have standard lead times.

What is the expected cost of the product?

Pricing will vary by size and scale of the design for a space.

Are there any other notable features we should know about?

Geiger products are crafted to perform for years for the people who use them. Geiger One Casegoods are covered by our standard 12-year warranty.

Designers have flexibility to select Geiger OneTM components to create unique workspaces

Are there any other places you plan to exhibit the product? If so where and when?

The product is being displayed in Geiger’s showroom, Suite 318, in the Merchandise Mart starting June 10, 2019.

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