Geiger’s Crosshatch Collection Recognized for Simplicity, Functionality and Beauty

Geiger’s Crosshatch® Seating Family embraces the tradition of craft utilizing materials drawn from industrial applications – a truly creative solution for the modern office environment

Parachute cords, strung by hand, are used in the fabrication of the Crosshatch Chair and Settee.

Honored at this year’s NeoCon event, as a finalist for Interior Design Magazine’s HiP Award, Geiger’s new Crosshatch Settee was recognized for its simplicity, functionality and beauty. These qualities unify the Crosshatch Seating Family, from the hand-strung parachute cords of the lounge chair and settee to the pared-down, classic profiles of the side chair and stool. Punctuating executive offices, boardrooms, working lounges, and beyond, Crosshatch meets the diverse needs of people and the way we work today.

The Crosshatch Seating Family includes the Crosshatch Stool, Crosshatch Settee, Crosshatch Chair, and Crosshatch Side Chair.

The collection includes a Chair and Ottoman, Settee, Side Chair and Stool. As more ancillary furniture is embedded in today’s workplace environment, finding unique products that can introduce the more creative elements into the office is encouraging manufacturers to seek out designers to meet the challenge. Geiger engaged EOOS to develop the Crosshatch product line.

The EOOS team Harald Gründl, Martin Bergmann and Gernot Bohmann

We posed some questions to the designers in order get a better understanding of the process and inspiration behind the design.

On the inspiration behind the design: 

The inspiration is best summarized in a quote from Martin Bergmann, member of the EOOS design team:

“We have designed a wooden structure with a floating basket made from parachute cords. The cords are pulled down, and the chair becomes a system of internal tension. Without them the chair would be unstable.”

Bergmann and his colleagues knew that incorporating such an unexpected combination of materials into lounge seating would not only turn heads, but also draw people in.

On the use of innovative materials:

With their sculpted wooden frame and hand-strung cording, the Crosshatch Chair and Settee can add a touch of character to a broad range of interiors. Each combines fine woodcraft with industrial materials to create an elegant and distinctive silhouette. The two-seat settee is a well-proportioned extension of the Crosshatch Chair.

The beauty of the construction and materials as seen from the underside of the chair. Design legend Ward Bennett’s pioneering use of industrial materials inspired the designers of EOOS in their material selection for the Crosshatch Chair. The designers’ use of parachute cords—a common industrial material—would have earned Bennett’s approval.

Parachute cords, a material common to other industries, though not typically used in furniture, create a lattice held taught to support the gracefully curved wood frame. This design element of the Crosshatch Chair and Settee is unique to these products.

On where the products could effectively be included in a design solution:

Crosshatch is the very definition of versatile, traveling from home to office with ease. Lightweight and transparent, the design employs both handcrafting and technology in its production, using a minimum of materials in surprising ways. The frames are available in either an ash or walnut with over thirty wood finishes to complement a broad range of interiors.

The Crosshatch Stool and Side Chair reflect Geiger’s approach to industrialized craft by harnessing state-of-the-art technologies to deliver precision with a hand-crafted feel. As a result, their minimalist forms allow their carefully considered details to shine: the rounded tops of the legs, a seat that appears to float, a gently curved hint of a backrest. 

On where they anticipate the product will be utilized:

With the recent addition of the settee to the family, we’re eager to see it in all types of installations from commercial to residential applications.

The Crosshatch Settee and Chair anchor a casual lounge setting.

When will the product be available?

We are already accepting orders for all products in the Crosshatch Seating Family. Resources for specifying can be found following the links on each item. Pricing options vary by material but starting list pricing includes:

Where can our readers see the Crosshatch Seating Family?

The products in the family are exhibited in Geiger and Herman Miller showrooms as well as our dealer showrooms. The Crosshatch Chair is offered through our retail channel and is promoted through our owned retailer Design Within Reach.

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