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Alexis Ramos
Alexis Ramos
Alexis Ramos is a Content Creator and UX Consultant at Work Design Magazine. As someone who is naturally empathetic and creative, Alexis is passionate about leveraging technology to create positive change in the world. When it comes to "work design" topics, Alexis' interests lie heavily in biophilia and user-friendly technology that help make the workplace a seamless and stress-free place to be. When she's not generating SEO-optimized, witty pieces for us, you can usually find her spending time with her rescue greyhound, Cairo.

Located in the heart of the entertainment capital in Hollywood, ELA, a global creative agency is housed in a neo-classic façade.

ELA’s new office features a variety of industrial elements including exposed brick, resawn redwood siding, high ceilings, exposed Douglas fir posts and beams and concrete, pebble aggregate, and wood flooring. Structurally independent mezzanine levels provide physical separation of office functions in addition to adding visual drama. Original steel-framed industrial windows and skylights provide ample natural daylight. Additionally, the space features an outdoor patio and various gathering spaces that promote collaboration for its employees.

When was the project completed?
November 2018

How much space?
4300 gross SF

Was this new or renovated space?

SF per person?
286 SF

hollywood HQ

How many employees?

What is the average daily population?


Describe workspace types.
Free address, Open Plan, Enclosed Office, Huddle Room, Conference Room, Loft, Reception Area, Kitchen, Outdoor Patio

What kind of meeting spaces are provided?
Free address, huddle room, conference room, outdoor patio

What other kinds of support or amenity spaces are provided?
Conference room, huddle room, production room, open back room, kitchen, outdoor patio, on-site parking

What are the projects location and proximity to public transportation and/or other amenities?
The closest public transportation option is the Metro local 4 Bus/Santa Monica and Orange.

Additional public transit options near the office include:
Metro to Hollywood/Highland (0.8 mi)
Metro to Hollywood/Vine (1.2 mi)
Metro to Hollywood/Western (2.3 mi)
DASH Fairfax Line

The office is surrounded by a variety of area shopping, commerce and eating options that are within walking distance. The closest shopping/commerce/eating is located at the West Hollywood Gateway.

Was the “C” Suite involved in the project planning and design process? If so, how?
Yes. ELA’s CEO & Founder, Andre Filip, and ELA’s Executive Creative Director, Carlos Musquez, were highly involved including selecting the office site and in the project planning. The focus was on mapping out the space with needs for both the account and creative teams. It was important that the space accommodates both open and enclosed office spaces, and provide ample gathering spaces for collaboration, along with formal meeting areas.

Please describe any program requirements that were unique or required any special research or design requirements.
Create a space that offered ample gathering space for collaboration as well as the privacy of enclosed office spaces. House a creative and production studio and maximize the elements of the exposed ceilings and brick.

CEO Andre Filip’s office needed to be designed in a way that was both impactful and thought-provoking for employees and clients. Centered on this idea, a black granite desk is positioned atop a metallic blue splattered cowhide rug. An adjoining loft features a comfortable, multi-function space to inspire collaboration and spark creativity, as well as serve as a respite. The space is grounded with an abstract patterned rug and dry erase wall to capture ideas.

Was there any emphasis or requirements on programming for health and wellbeing initiatives for employees?
The open floor plan promotes circulation with flexible work environments so that teams can gather as needed. The space also features an outdoor patio that facilitates both a meeting and informal lounging/break space for employees. The building location is central and within walking distance neighborhood fitness and yoga studios, an outdoor park and various activities.

Were there any special or unusual construction materials or techniques employed in the project?
The interior shell of the building is composed of unreinforced brick walls and skylights supported by Summerbell trusses. The office cubicles and office doors on the first floor of the office were custom-made with transparent blue glass fashioned with silkscreen that provides an infusion of color and gives employees a sense of privacy, but without complete isolation.

The reception desk is a custom cantilever.

What products or service solutions are making the biggest impact in your space?
General office space: Modernica Case Study Furniture – Desks and Sofa

CEO office and loft: Room and Board (Credenza); HD Buttercup (Decor); Crate and Barrel (desk); Neon Sign (custom); CB2 (graphic stools in loft)

What kind of branding elements were incorporated into the design?
ELA’s branding is splashed throughout the space. Upon entering the space, a flat-screen TV displays the ELA logo in the reception area. A hand-painted small wall which displays the quote “Be Great Right Now,” one of ELA’s key brand values – sits above the reception desk. The office will soon be adding additional branding elements including a branded flag to the top of the roof of the building, additional exterior and interior signage and a mural wall.ELA Hollywood

What is the most unique feature of the new space?
The wood, steel-framed windows and glass, the metals, and the use of natural daylight with the skylights throughout the space provide a flow, creating different areas for the account and creative teams.

The most unique feature of the new space is an outdoor patio which is adorned with outdoor lights and comfortable outdoor furniture for employees to gather formally and informally. The outdoor space can also be easily converted for events and guests.

Are there any furnishings or spaces specifically included to promote wellness/wellbeing?
There is an outdoor patio that is designed to promote both a meeting and informal lounging/break space for employees. There is also a shared bike available in the reception area which employees can utilize.

ELA Office

What kinds of technology products were used?
Skype and Zoom meeting systems, Polycom Sound Station (conference room), Logitech Webcam (conference room), Sony Soundbar CT370 (conference room). Flatscreen TVs are mounted throughout the office for creative collaboration and sharing including with Google Chromecast. Apple’s AirPlay technology is used for all the flat screens in the enclosed offices, conference room, production space, and CEO loft for presentations and discussions.

If the company relocated to a new space, what was the most difficult aspect of the change for the employees?
Our previous office space was a large building shared with other tenants. Our new space is free-standing and belongs just to our company. It had an existing vibe and energy that our employees needed to adapt to; we weren’t looking to replicate the feel of our previous office space and instead with the new space, bring our own creativity, vibe and swagger to it.

Architect: Frank Schneider (original architect), Schneider & Associates Architects; Bruce Bolander

MEP Engineer: Eugene Birnbaum (now deceased)

Interior Design: Laura Brophy, Laura Brophy Interiors; Bruce Bolander

• Instagram: @elaadvertising, @laurabrophyinteriors
ELA LinkedIn
ELA Facebook
• Pinterest: @lblaurabrophy

Photo courtesy of Bobby Vu

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