Uneebo’s Unique Design Service Gives Startup Offices Exactly What They Need

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Alexis Ramos
Alexis Ramos
Alexis Ramos is a Content Creator and UX Consultant at Work Design Magazine. As someone who is naturally empathetic and creative, Alexis is passionate about leveraging technology to create positive change in the world. When it comes to "work design" topics, Alexis' interests lie heavily in biophilia and user-friendly technology that help make the workplace a seamless and stress-free place to be. When she's not generating SEO-optimized, witty pieces for us, you can usually find her spending time with her rescue greyhound, Cairo.

Uneebo designs and furnishes office spaces of all shapes, sizes, and budgets – the perfect combination for any startup’s needs.

Courtesy of Jordan Shields

Moving into or upgrading your existing office can be difficult and demanding – especially for start-up companies that need to stay efficient while keeping costs low. Luckily, with Uneebo’s three simple package options, moving into or upgrading your existing office is easier than ever. Each package gives clients the ability to reduce the cost and time associated with the stressful and complex process of moving into your new office space or upgrading your existing one. Their packages range from simple dropship furniture packages right up to a completely custom-designed space.

We give our clients the freedom to choose…

Uneebo offers custom furniture packages that fall within any client’s budget range and puts the control in the client’s hands with their smart approval and ordering system. Their clients can choose from a range of over 1,000 furniture options or have their dedicated designer do all the hard work.

What is the name of your service?

Uneebo Office Interior Design

How will Uneebo impact workplace design?

We are not a traditional office interior design service. We specialize in startup offices and are becoming experts in designing and furnishing exciting, versatile and unique office spaces. Our impact on workplace design is creating office spaces that are able to flex with growth and cater to unique client needs, all for an affordable and startup-friendly price point.

We are striving to become the leader in office interior design for startups and believe our impact on the industry is creating unique spaces that exude character, charisma, and personality that you just can’t achieve with a traditional service. Being a startup ourselves, we understand our customer needs pretty well and we believe that startups are at the forefront of changing office design as we know it across every industry.

In fact many large, traditional corporations now use startup office designs as a benchmark for how their spaces should look and are investing millions in renovating their existing spaces to look like the kind of place our clients would want to work in (and that we’ve designed) – which is smart as they are losing a lot of their talent to startups.

Today, the office space is much more than just a chair and desk to do your work on. It has become a powerful recruitment tool to attract and retain talent. We believe that our clients’ office space should convey their mission statement and we help make that dream a reality.

Courtesy of Jordan Shields

Can you explain a bit more about how Uneebo works?

Uneebo offers three office interior design and furnishing packages:

Starter Package:
This is a customizable e-design package for businesses looking for furniture packages that can drop ship to their existing or new office space. The customer just lets us know what products they are looking for and we will send across customizable packages and organize the delivery and assembly. Super easy!

Deluxe Package:
This package includes a dedicated interior design who also acts as your project manager for the project. This is the package for customers looking for the soup-to-nuts design and furnishing to create an awesome looking office space. You’ll work with your designer to create your office’s floorplan, décor style, and furniture selections. They’ll then coordinate the delivery and assembly and be on site for the final décor touches!

Custom Package:
This design package is for those customers wanting to make a statement and create a real Pinterest worthy space and create FOMO! This package includes all the bells and whistles to get heads turning such as personalized branding, kitchen fittings, awesome communal areas and help with any architectural requirements.

Each project eventually becomes somewhat of a hybrid and they are all very much custom to the needs of our client’s budget, but our packages help give some structure around what the customer can expect. Just reach out for any questions here!

Courtesy of Jordan Shields

Does Uneebo contribute to “new ways of working”?

Absolutely! Uneebo uses a range of furniture vendors to equip our client’s office spaces with the highest quality of office furniture products on the market at great price points.

The majority of our clients need height-adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, sound-proof phone booths and customized branding throughout their space.

All of these products and services are not something you would find with traditional design service and we are proud to be the most knowledgeable provider and with the relationships with all the best furniture vendors.

What was the inspiration for creating this service?

Uneebo’s inspiration comes from our many conversations with office managers of startups telling us about their pain points for when they had to move offices or furnish and design their first office space. We learned just how complex, time-consuming and expensive the process can be and we set out to make the process as painless as possible.

Uneebo learned from this feedback that a simpler service was needed that can still create high-quality, productive and creative workspaces but in a faster and more affordable way, whilst still leveraging modern office products.

Given that our clients are incredibly creative themselves, it makes the process of designing and furnishing their spaces even more exciting as they can participate in the product selections, décor options and help steer our interior designers in the right direction.

Our inspiration comes from our clients – they all have such strong and dynamic personalities and we learn something new from them every day. Eventually, our clients become our friends and our objective is to set them up for growth so they will come back and use us for their office space.

The fact we have concentrated on startup office spaces has enabled us to learn new ideas every day, absorb it and integrate it into our business model immediately which is ultimately making our service smarter, faster and more affordable than the competition.

Courtesy of Chloe Chudina

Can you tell a story about one of your projects?

Every project is unique and fascinating but there are some which definitely push our creativity.

One of our clients, at the moment, is getting super creative with how their space should look and that’s what we love. We are finding them a custom-made standing height conference table made from carbon steel and maple wood. They also want an English style red phonebooth… but spray-painted in black! This project definitely falls into our custom package and shows you just how far we go for our clients to have a customized and Pinterest worthy space.

What we love about all our projects is that each office space is a completely unique shape with everyone having something we can work with to create a unique feature. We are working with another client right now (Onna) who has three huge terrace rooftops in their beautiful new space. We are itching to see what we can do with the terraces and get them ready for some summer rooftop after-work events and I hope we get an invite too!

What innovations in the use of materials or fabrication are utilized in your service?

A lot of our furniture providers are leading the way in creating environmentally friendly products and sourcing locally to reduce their C02 footprint. In fact, we are quite picky about which furniture vendor products we recommend to our clients and will always try and push products from stores that take sustainability seriously.

A great example of the materials and fabrication we work with comes from ROOM – one of our awesome phonebooth providers that use recycled plastic bottles to make their product. We work really hard to ensure we are transparent in the products we offer and where furniture is sourced and are able to cater to any green office requirements our customers might have. In fact, Uneebo also promotes using recycled furniture for customers trying to make an impact on the world by reusing office furniture.

Uneebo has also recently started an exciting consulting project with a huge food startup from San Francisco with over 450 employees who are revolutionizing food delivery, logistics, and packaging amongst many other cool things. They are curious about applying their ethos of sustainability into their office space and furnishing decisions and we are going to help them learn more about how they can create a greener office. We are seeing a real opportunity to help other companies with the same objectives emerging and we will be launching a Sustainable office package soon!

A year from now, what would be the most exciting thing you’d like to find out about how Uneebo has been used?

It would be really exciting to visit our client’s offices in a year’s time and see how they are getting on with the spaces we have designed and furnished for them. We always want our clients to have a long-lasting but flexible solution so that their space is an investment today as much as it can evolve to meet their future needs. Our mission statement is to be our client’s designer of today and of tomorrow… and also get invited to Onna’s rooftop parties!

Courtesy of Chloe Chudina

What do you think our readers will love most about Uneebo?

Startup offices are our primary target clients and always will be. They are typically at the forefront of whatever industry they are trying to disrupt, and we love learning more about their businesses. We believe your readers will love to learn how hard we working to become experts in designing and furnishing startup spaces and how simple the process can be.

What we have learned about our average customer is just how pushed for time they are to get their office furnished and ready for their team to move in, typically leaving a shared office space and in a rush to get their employees set up in time. Our sophisticated logistics, awesome furniture partners and our expert interior designers can help set up a space in no time at all.

What is the expected cost of Uneebo’s services?

Our packages are essentially budget guides on the starting prices for designing and furnishing our client’s spaces. It’s always hard to calculate exactly how much a project will cost, but we always work within whatever our clients can afford. We like to recommend to our clients the below-starting prices for our packages:

Starter Package: $399 per employee (e-design)
Deluxe Package: $599 per employee (includes in-person designer)
Custom Package: $999 per employee (includes in-person designer, architectural help and office branding)

Tell us more! Anything else notable about Uneebo’s services we ought to know?

We leverage technology to streamline our office design process including product approvals, floorplans, invoicing, mood boards and delivery. An example of our technology capabilities is our smart approval process that allows our clients to quickly accept or reject our designer’s furniture proposals to get to their desired design or budget quicker. All of this helps to give the customer a better experience, more transparency and speed up the overall process.

Courtesy of Jordan Shields

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Pinterest: @Uneebodesign

Images Courtesy of Jordan Shields (LA) and Chloe Chudina (NYC) of Uneebo

Allow Uneebo to service you at the following cities:

Los Angeles / New York / San Francisco

Alexis Ramos
Alexis Ramos
Alexis Ramos is a Content Creator and UX Consultant at Work Design Magazine. As someone who is naturally empathetic and creative, Alexis is passionate about leveraging technology to create positive change in the world. When it comes to "work design" topics, Alexis' interests lie heavily in biophilia and user-friendly technology that help make the workplace a seamless and stress-free place to be. When she's not generating SEO-optimized, witty pieces for us, you can usually find her spending time with her rescue greyhound, Cairo.
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