This Workplace Analytics Platform Has Proven 99.7 Percent Accuracy

Relogix innovative analytics platform helps manage and plan workspaces with a proven 99.7 percent accuracy rate. 

Relogix Sensor
Relogix innovative technology helps manage and plan workspaces – this graphic illustrates their Sensor-as-a-Service Ecosystem.

One of the latest workplace trends is all about technology that informs the design and management of today’s workspaces. A day at the office now means finding the best work environment for the task at hand. The modern workplace is flexible, combining assigned and unassigned desks, phone booths, meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. But managing a flexible workspace can be as complicated as air traffic control! The good news is that technologies are available that track workspace usage and leverage data to make sure the spaces work at optimum utilization.

Relogix Workspace Analytics Platform shows how your spaces are being used and provides insights you can use to develop realistic corporate real estate strategies, optimize your workspace, and make better business decisions. Reduce corporate real estate costs, while benefiting from more engaged and productive employees.

You can also integrate other sources of workspace data into one platform. The Relogix Platform includes an application programming interface (API) that leverages data from many common Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) and booking systems. In this way, you can supplement sensor data with badging, booking or other data sources you already have.

We were able to get some great background information on how the Relogix platform was developed from Director of Workplace Insights, Sandra Panara.

How does Relogix impact or inform workplace design?

Our high-level insights allow you to make impactful space planning decisions. Relogix powerful visualizations allow you to view occupancy and space utilization by floor, department, building, and more across your entire corporate real estate portfolio. Powerful classification algorithms assign personas allowing you to design space suitable to employees’ current behaviors. You can act with confidence based on reliable, proven data analysis.

Space Optimization dashboard
A snapshot of the insights found on the Space Optimization dashboard.

Does Relogix support agile and activity-based workplaces that are becoming so prevalent in new and refurbished facilities?

Yes. Our sensors and Workspace Analytics Platform work together to tell users how their space is being used. We can differentiate between different space types to track their usage. This includes desks, meetings rooms, phone booths, and many other space types often seen in agile and activity-based workplaces. Our platform is often used by companies who want to understand how their space is used so they can transition into activity-based workspaces and then continuously monitor how their new workspace is performing.

Can you tell a story or give an example of how Relogix will help our readers design and implement great workplace solutions?

Our case study illustrates how one of our clients, a large global insurance firm, implemented the Relogix Platform as part of their corporate real estate transformation. Across their North American real estate portfolio, they worked with a Relogix Solutions Architect to determine how best to measure their occupancy utilization.

The data collected enabled their corporate real estate team to better understand their traditional assigned office seat environment. The information gathered helped in development of workspace transformation plans, as they understood how they could best improve the workplace experience for their employees.

Relogix installed 1,600 sensors in five of their locations across the US and Canada, giving them a window into space usage. This led to the discovery of opportunities to effectively re-purpose underutilized space and re-examine how much space they actually needed for their workforce to be effective.

workspace stats

What was the genesis of developing Relogix?

With over 10 years as a corporate real estate solutions and insights provider, Relogix founder and CRE veteran, Andrew Millar, recognized the need for technology in the CRE industry. He wanted a solution to help organizations evolve their workspace and get high quality data that would drive strategic decision making.

What are the key features of this service that will enhance the workplace experience?

I think organizations will really see an impact in their workplace experience thanks to our real-time, anonymous data collection and Workspace Analytics Platform. It helps paint a picture of how space is used, allowing managers to strategically plan the way space is used while ensuring employee privacy. You can then transform the experience of work by planning workspaces around what will be the most beneficial and efficient for employees.

Is there any new technology that is incorporated into the utilization of this service?

Relogix proprietary sensors are state-of-the-art. Our sensors anonymously collect accurate and objective data (without the use of cameras) about workspace usage. Unlike traditional methods that rely on employee surveys or point-in-time data collection (such as observation studies), Relogix sensors provide the highest quality data essential to successful workplace analysis.

The slim, clean design of the Relogix sensors

Our small, wireless sensors:

  • Assure 99.7 percent data accuracy and availability.
  • Require no hard wiring and no internal networking.
  • Attach to desks or ceilings using peel-and-stick adhesive strips.
  • Start collecting data in less than an hour.
  • Require no ongoing maintenance.
  • Provide a five-year, battery-powered lifespan.

The Relogix Gateway Hub is unobtrusive, independent, and built for fast, agile deployment. The Hub automatically connects with sensor nodes and sends collected data to the Relogix Workspace Analytics Platform in the secure Cloud.

The Hub is completely independent of existing enterprise networks – all you need to get started is a wall outlet. All communication between the Gateway Hub and the Workspace Analytics Platform occurs over private 4G/LTE cellular networks, meaning no extra traffic on your internal network.

How do you envision end users adopting and using this service to make their workplaces more productive?

Our clients get data that is actionable, allowing them to make meaningful space planning decisions that help their employees be more efficient and productive. Our platform is relied on to continuously monitor how space is used and adjust as needed, depending on what will work best for their employee’s unique needs.

Implementing data sensors
Implementing data sensors is an important tool to help companies understand how their space is working for them.

What do you think are the key benefits of this service in today’s workplace environment?

Relogix is different than any provider out there. Our data is 99.7 percent accurate and completely anonymous allowing you to capture and analyze space utilization data helps CRE professionals adjust based on their organization’s unique needs. We don’t just tell you space utilization without the use of cameras – we also provide data scientists to help you customize the dashboard for your needs, advisory services to help you plan your next steps, and 24/7 quality monitoring to make sure the data you want is there when you need it.

Our product is available now and our team can be contacted here.

relogix difference
Relogix’s comprehensive service offerings can make a difference in how space can be managed.

What do you think our readers will love about the Workspace Analytics Platform?

The Workspace Analytics Platform shows how your space is currently used and provides insights you can use to develop realistic plans, optimize your workspace utilization, make better business decisions and inform corporate strategy. Reduce costs, while continuing to realize the benefits of more engaged and productive employees.

Our dashboards are completely customizable. Work with our Solutions Architects to understand what data would be most useful for your unique needs and we’ll build the rest.

Integrate other resources of workspace data into one platform. The Workspace Analytics Platform includes an application programming interface (API) we use to leverage data from many common Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) and booking systems. In this way, you can supplement sensor data with badging or other data sources you already have.

Are there any other unique features that would interest our readers?

Relogix has proven 99.7 percent accuracy, gives real-time, actionable, and anonymous insights that help transform the workplace experience. We’re happy to integrate with tools and IWMS you already have, and all data is completely independent of your enterprise network. Our technology requires no hard wiring, no internal networking, DIY-friendly and start collecting data in hours – not days. Oh, and no cameras, so your employee’s privacy is always safe.


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