Meet The Winners: 3g Office Peru – Workspace (3000 SF Suite)

Meet the 3g Office Peru team Workspace (3000 SF) winners with their forward thinking’The Point” workspace submission!

Luis Arce

Country Manager and Design Director

Hans Alfaro

Design Team – Junior Architect 

Ximena Calle

Design Team Coordinator

Noemi Urcuhuaranga

Design Team Coordinator – BIM

Christian Osorio

Design Team – Junior Architect 

Javier Chacin

Design Team – Junior Architect 

To celebrate their win, we asked them a few questions about their work and the competition. 

WDM: Since the pandemic what have you been up to / what are you working on?

Luis Arce: Since the beginning of the pandemic we have been monitoring and analyzing the evolution of the crisis and its effect on the way we see and experience work within an office. We have done this by listening to various companies through webinars, talks, podcasts, etc. All of this has helped us to better understand the concerns of the companies and their collaborators, to provide them with best architectural solutions.

WDM: What did you enjoy most about the competition process?

Luis Arce: I think the whole team enjoyed imagining things that could help solve a global problem. And as the leader I am happy to see my team enjoying what they do.

WDM: It’s been a little while since you submitted, how have your ideas evolved since then?

Luis Arce: We are convinced that flexible working will be further consolidated in the future and that work spaces will evolve into models that encourage collaboration and socialization rather than concentrated individual work.

Let’s say that the ideas, proposed in the project, are in full process of evolution. They are in the process of being tested. We are including the proposed ideas in our new projects, co-designing them with the users and validating the functionality and user experience against these new types of space. In addition, we are testing with variations to the existing pre-pandemic furniture, to achieve more flexibility, greater spacing and different configurations.

Another thing that is in constant evolution is the processes and strategies of culture due to its importance in the processes of change, especially in these, where the offices are going to be more and more, spaces of socialization and collaboration.

Check out their full submission:

Comments from the judges:

I think they did an excellent job in actually presenting the materials and covering all the bases and I like the way that they put it all together. Very professional.

If the office is the point that you come to for collaboration and still continue to work from home, then I think The Point submission offers a variety of spaces where people can come together, interact effectively, and find a partial location for a period of work, but then retreat back to home at work again from the home office.

There are parts of this submission that have an interesting aspect to them; modularity and flexibility of some of these spaces are key because again as the pandemic changes the world, spaces need to adapt to what those changes are even pre or post vaccine and the ability to continue to migrate these changes in the work space is going to be extremely important. So having kind of a fixed point with flexibility around it, I think makes great sense.

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