Woodstock by Three H Stylishly Addresses The Need For Workspace Ownership

Echoing a time past, Three H’s Woodstock line reflects aspirations of a dynamic new time going forward.

Woodstock components can be configured to meet any work set up.

The adage that everything old is new again comes to mind when reviewing updates to well-designed furniture solutions. Industrial designer, Mark Müller has introduced the Woodstock line with Three H that provides options that suit the new, more relaxed, and residential-feel office spaces.

Most furniture systems begin with a box-type construction approach. Woodstock begins with a laminate platform that offers a choice of two elevated bases: with or without solid wood feet. In its simplest of form, cushions are added to the laminate base to create a bench.

Woodstock can be configured for single or shared spaces with multiple storage options.

How can Woodstock impact workplace design?

There has been a renewed focus on personal spaces within the office landscape. While open plan has its obvious merits, the need for privacy and workspace-ownership has escalated in value; especially for those whose tasks and personal productivity dictate permanent, focus places.

Task functionality, while important in design, should not negate the creation of beautiful new furniture with an eye to personal relatability and desire. Without over-sizing or excess closed storage, new office furniture can be more approachable and warmer for more relaxed environments… as we expect and covet in residential furniture.

It is with these notions in mind that Mark Müller created Woodstock. Simplicity in design belies a complexity in design execution. Solid wood legs have been crafted to meet a metal sleeve and framework in an original, modern approach. Detailing with thin profiles, visible cabinet seams and pull-less drawers were the starting point.

There are solutions that work for more open spaces and can be configured to provide the new requirements for more socially distanced work areas.

What aspects of the design support the agile office?

The many components for work surface, (including height adjustable), storage and “guest seat” benches can be set up in many modes – yet offer the opportunity to have a unified design aesthetic throughout the office. The new work modalities require alternate types of spaces for people to move to, depending on what they are working on, during the workday.

A variety of finishes can be incorporated into the product, and the bench option is perfect for a visitor.

What other features are implemented in the Woodstock line?

Product designer, Mark Müller explains:

Woodstock projects a simple, clean and smart environment that is not detached from nature. Materials like wood, natural finishes, and felted surfaces and components offer an organic connection with the natural world.

Müller went further by creating a construction that features a technically advanced dowel-type technique that eliminates all visible connectors. The result instantly elevates the style value to well beyond the mid-market price points that had to be maintained for Woodstock.

Other enhancements include new grain-matched textured laminates, and several stain colors for the wood legs and paint for the metal structure. Giving Woodstock an intriguing personality with diverse appeal. Readers can check out the Three H Woodstock product guide to see more images, configurations, and material selections here.

The elegant simplicity of construction details and finishes is evident in this configuration

Mark Müller gave WDM more insight behind his design of Three H’s Woodstock line:

On the inspiration for the design:

Mark Müller: Echoing a time past, Woodstock reflects aspirations of a dynamic new time going forward. Not resting on times past or present, Three H is working with Perkins Eastman on original research into the future of the workplace.

Technology integration is simple and stylish.

On the innovations in use of materials or fabrication utilized in the manufacture of Woodstock:

Mark Müller: Contributing to a singularly new design creation is the evolution of power/data. Müller crafted, from solid wood, a grommet module that provides direct USB access and a cavity sized for various electrical components. Its styling is enhanced through color matching options.

Cabling can be directed under the work surfaces into an inventive and attractive modesty and cable-hammock with door-pouch access; and then over to, and through, the cabinetry without interrupting the sliding doors.

The clean lines of Woodstock cabinetry are perfect for the private office or boardroom.

Where would the installation of Woodstock will be most effective?

We think Woodstock can be configured to work anywhere from open plan to enclosed offices, or lounge seating and any place in between!

Other spaces for consideration for Woodstock installations would include To see the credenzas be specified individually for other applications: boardroom/reception areas, serveries, and potentially home office.

What other features will our readers will love?

First and foremost, they will love the design aesthetic.

Secondly, “With a focus on the ideas of “personalization”, designer Müller has integrated several new findings through the introduction of stacking areas, bench seats, tactile arm rests, writing pads and pivoting privacy screens. Providing not just improved privacy and personality within an open area but additionally creating a place to feel rooted and psychologically self-actualized.”

Taking a closer look at some of the components we can see that by adding a vertical back panel an “L” shaped shell is created. Open storage and cushions are used within the shell construction according to user needs.

Going further, when a top is added to the shell a “C” shape profile is established that can now receive shelves, sliding doors, and storage elements that simply slide into position to create credenzas with a light, open appearance.

This set up features the bench and storage solutions in the simple shell enclosure.

The cabinets themselves have been re-imagined with sliding doors and open-end cantilevered shelving options along with color matching the optional elevated metal base and solid wood feet. Sliding doors in smoked, clear or colored acrylics accentuate the color blocking notions. The rails themselves have been custom created in champagne, silver, and light bronze to elevate the be-spoke nature of Woodstock.

Open credenza platforms were designed to allow for two-sizes of bench-cushions. Woodstock also boasts independent bench seating available in multiple standard lengths – a useful auxiliary option in an open office.

Woodstock cabinet construction techniques allow for rapid assembly, alternating thicknesses, and color; and a shared, scalable feature set that builds complexity. With its platform and optional elevated base rail system, it is possible to gang multiple units together into a virtually endless row of workstations.

A multi-tile tack board system of natural fiber board material can be configured on a single panel. This single unit of tackable surfaces and shelves is a simple specification that installs as just one unit.

Are there any other unique features?

  • Cushion seating
  • Customizability with finishes/options
  • Integrated USB charging power
  • Integrated height adjustable option

Is Woodstock available for specification?

Yes, readers can get all the details check out our product details page for information on configurations, materials, finishes and more images here. They can also access our price book.

What are the technology innovations in this product line?

Check out the patented felt cable-hammock.

Where could our readers see the product?

Please see our website or one of our corporate showrooms.

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