Via Seating’s Onda Chair Delivers Comfort, Ergonomics, Function, And Style

Onda, which means ‘wave’ in Italian, is Via Seating’s first all-mesh chair designed by Studio V.

Onda is Via Seating’s new mesh task chair.

One thing that remains constant, no matter where we work, is we need a task chair that is high performance. The constantly advancing technology for materials and fabrication has informed Via Seating’s new introduction of the Onda product line. Onda—Italian for ‘wave’—is Via Seating’s first all-mesh chair designed by Studio V. This multi award-winning chair delivers incredible comfort, ergonomics, function, durability all in a stunning design.

How does Via Seating fit with the emerging re-definition of the workplace?

All Via Seating products support and agile and active workplace. Employees aren’t coming into the office every day for 8 hours their schedules are flexible and unpredictable. Via Seating has work chairs that are ergonomically designed to adapt to corporate standards, home workspace set ups and hybrid working environments i.e. shared or co-op workspaces. Functionality is the key and having a focus on features that are super user friendly and intuitive. But also, contemporary design that fits within the broadest context of space, meaning that you can visualize the chair in a corporate setting but also in your own home.

In addition, Via Seating chairs are appropriately scaled to fit to a variety of workspace sizes e.g. Genie® is designed with its narrower upper back support to enable the user to freely move and not feel restricted even if in a smaller space. Finally, all surface casters are the norm on via chairs. This ensures that wherever the chair is and whatever the chair is on i.e. concrete, tile, wood, or carpet, it is safe to use both for the user and for the surface. 

The scale and configuration of the Onda task chair work well in any environment.

Can you tell a story or give an example of how Via Seating products will help our readers design and implement great workplace solutions?

Workplace context is shifting and will continue to shift. Via Seating understands this and has researched what the common denominators are to support these multiple contexts. When designing and implementing a great workplace solution, one must understand that function/application, budget, and aesthetic, needs to be all inclusive to meet the needs of the client. Each chair within the Via Seating portfolio can be custom built to perfectly balance all of these elements.

Great workplace solutions demand high performance ergonomic solutions, that can adapt to multiple contexts as already mentioned earlier but that can also be affordable for the client. As workplace continues to evolve so does the role of purchasing these solutions. Therefore, Via Seating products are budget friendly regardless of whether the employer is purchasing for corporate space, supporting a stipend for their employee for their work from home space, or requiring the employee to contribute to or purchase that product for themselves. Affordability is more important than ever. Via Seating’s thought is comfort, support, high performance ergonomics combined with great design should be available to all who need it.

Onda is available in high and mid back configurations.

When will Onda be available for specification?

It is available now. Readers can check out the specification tool on Via Seating’s website to create the right chair for their project. For pricing information see the cool flipbook and the informative pricing tools are also on the website. For questions and assistance, find a local rep here.

The mesh options includes standard colors black, nickel, silver, sky blue & red. Includes striped copper mesh colors black & natural.

What do you think our readers will love about Onda?

All mesh designs are covered by a 12-year warranty (includes mesh & all components).

Via Seating’s Patented Proprietary Copper-Infused Mesh options in black & copper color are naturally biocidal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-odor.

Learn more about our 3 leading ergonomic features, including arm, synchro and lumbar, here.

Working from home? We have an Onda chair for the home office.

Where can our readers see your products?

Readers can see our products at our showrooms across the US & Canada including in Chicago at theMART & New York City, NeoCon 2021, in Chicago, IL October 4-6 and Healthcare Design Expo & Conference 2021, in Cleveland, OH October 23 – 26.

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