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Gordon Wright

Gordon is a director of HOK’s global WorkPlace practice. He leads teams of strategists, architects, designers, planners, analysts and change managers who transform the “place” experience for organizations and their people. His clients include corporations and institutions that are re-envisioning their approach to real estate, facilities and the workplace. Gordon is passionate about applying both left and right brain thinking to solve his clients’ problems and to bring positive changes to people, processes and place. Gordon has special expertise developing national or global service strategies for companies undertaking multiple projects across different regions and then partnering with these clients to consistently deliver successful workplace environments. He is a member of CoreNet Global and the Urban Land Institute and a frequent speaker on workplace topics.

Proceed With Caution: A Clear Understanding Of Where You Are Headed And Why

Excerpts from HOK’s upcoming whitepaper “Tech Workplace: From Frontier to Center Stage.” An investigation of the forces reshaping the tech industry and how workplace design can position companies for success.

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