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Jay Smith

Jay is a design director at Duda|Paine Architects. His approach to design inspires and integrates the ideas of team members from all disciplines and levels of experience. Jay's leadership across all phases of complex, large-scale projects is enhanced by his strength as a conceptual and analytical thinker. He recognizes the reciprocal relationship between ideas and making: the process of making can inform an idea, just as an idea can inform the process of making. Together, the two allow for new ideas and unexpected results to emerge.

2023 Trends: Building Connections Means Smart Urban Growth

Sanjeev Patel and Jay Smith of Duda|Paine explore creating new destinations for communities and employees in 2023.

2022 Workplace Trends: Multifaceted Outdoor Workspaces

Turan Duda and Jay Smith of Duda|Paine share why we will see more multifaceted outdoor workspaces in 2022.  

The Evolving Workplace: Nature and Community for Employee Wellbeing

As the workplace shifts to meet the needs of a changing workforce and evolving social and cultural needs, design’s role in advancing human wellness grows.

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