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Jillian Warren

As a Workplace Director at Figure3, Jillian manages a group of talented designers to create modern workplaces that transform the way people work and engage. Passionate about innovation in the workplace Jillian brings a marketing sensibility to support her teams to create unique solutions that respond to the dynamic nature of work. With over 20 years designing corporate interiors, she is passionate about helping our clients build workspaces that give meaning to people’s lives. Her work is driven by research and love of learning; she is passionate about sustainability, is LEED and ARIDO accredited. She is an active member of Sheridan’s Program Advisory board to ensure the next generation of designers will meet the requirements of our fast paced industry.

How Retail Design Insights Will Inspire Workplace Design

Drawing on lessons from successful retail design practices, Figure3’s Mardi Najafi and Jillian Warren make the case for creating more memorable experiences in our offices to improve engagement and brand loyalty.

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