Inside DC’s Affinity Lab


Affinity Lab is its own microcosm. Its sense of community and coworking culture is so strong that an outsider (like me) who was simply passing by for thirty minutes could understand it. I was really taken with how this community just kind of formed of its own accord.

Coworking, Coast to Coast


Let’s say you’re working from home regularly, isolated from all human contact, slowly turning into Jack Nicholson–â„¢s character in \”“The Shining.–  So you decide to gain some social interaction and head to a coffee shop, but it’s not exactly a productive environment.

What’s a mobile worker to do?

Behind the Curtain: The Washington Post


A lot of organizations these days are consolidating their facilities in reaction to economic realities and the influence of technology on how we work. And what we’re seeing as a result is that formerly disconnected, and often diverse cultures within a single organization are being brought together under one roof — and that can be a very powerful dynamic.

That’s been the case so far with The (legendary) Washington Post, which came to us last year having several goals: