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5 Stages of Flexwork Adoption

Flexwork enables employees to choose how, when, and where they do their best work. This new way of working shifts the focus from management-directed, site-specific ways of working to team-directed approaches where compensation is based on work outcomes instead of time spent.

A Designer’s Perspective on NeoCon 2012

Even though NeoCon Chicago was overwhelming in size and presented the virtually impossible challenge of seeing everything in just three short days.

A GreenHouse that Brings the Outside In

Big skylights and tall windows bring natural light in and offer views to the outside. And the GreenHouse connects office and plant workers to the cyclical changes of day to night, season to season.

The Benefits of Plants in the Workplace

The cumulative body of evidence from over a decade of research on the people-nature relationship provides an unequivocal answer...

Creating Healthier Environments with Plants

Here are my selections for the top five plants that heighten and satisfy our senses. They fuse a funky and trendy style with functional benefits in keeping our workplace environments happier and healthier.

WORKTECH 12 New York – Review

The best part was they represented different perspectives and did not always agree.

Creativity, Functionality, and Cradle to Cradle

As a consequence, interior design has evolved; to mould comfortable and functional interior spaces that reflect that company--â„¢s brand both internally to staff and externally to other stakeholders.

4 Factors to Designing Workspaces for People’s Behaviors

Workplace design needs a new infusion of knowledge and wisdom. The future in achieving the best use of space requires entry into a realm that is not so easily quantified: namely, human behavior.

BIG Things are Happening at NeoCon (Jun 11-13, 2012)

Encompassing over 1 million square feet throughout 10 floors of the Merchandise Mart, NeoCon boasts more than 700 exhibitors and showrooms showcasing thousands of cutting-edge product introductions.

WORKTECH12: New York – May 16

Check out what will be happening at WORKTECH12: New York, May 15-16, 2012!

Building Modular: A Dynamic Element of Business Strategy

Modular construction isn--â„¢t just for those who anticipate changes down the road. Today--â„¢s agile interiors boast benefits well beyond future flexibility, in turn lending themselves to function as an integral part of corporate business strategy.

WORKTECH12: Melbourne Review

WORKTECH Melbourne was a great success and the addition of a workplace tour the next day to look inside at the likes of ANZ, NAB, Telstra, Isis, the Hub and the Department of Treasury and Finance was an excellent addition.

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