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To help our partners excel, Work Design Magazine has selected to work with Survature, the only company in the world providing behavior-enabled surveys that add an extra layer of sophistication in new knowledge and insights that organizations can now obtain.

Who is Survature?

The team at Survature is made up of university professors and seasoned MBAs all dedicated to conducting surveys at the highest level of quality and sophistication. They help organizations truly understand their market, clients, and industry with data that can’t be captured by any other platform in existence. Working with Survature on a study is a big step in becoming a knowledge and innovation leader.

Survature’s Value Proposition
Developed by professors at the University of Tennessee, Survature is the pioneer of behavior-enabled surveys. Our platform is able to take a 100-question traditional survey down 5 questions, capture 10x more data, and provide analysis in hours – not weeks.


  • A sponsoring organization will have direct access to Survature’s team of data science experts who will help them understand best practices in asking the right questions, analyzing data, communicating findings, and making evidence-based decisions (all within the context of the study they sponsor).
  • Surveys will be shared across WDM channels through a combination of email, social media, and targeted outreach.
  • Partners will enjoy brand recognition throughout and receive a custom 90-minute debreifing session and report of findings upon conclusion of the survey.
  • Additional marketing support beyond Findings Reports prepared for the WDM audience are available upon request; potential additional fees may apply
  • Those who sponsor a study with WDM/Survature will qualify for a 15% discount on a 1-year subscription to Survature’s platform. A subscription allows the organization to conduct as many surveys as they want in order to address any need internal or external.


  • 1 minute survey (= 20 question traditional survey): $6,000 – $8,000
  • 2 minute survey (= 50 question traditional survey): $7,000 – $9,000
  • 3 minute survey (= 75 question traditional survey): $8,000 – $10,000
  • 5 minute survey (= 100 question traditional survey): $12,000 – $14,000
*Depends on complexity and reporting. Anything over 5 minutes will be priced individually.

Check out our recent Screen Centric Survey here plus an overview of results from the first 400 responses here.

You set the course by choosing the topic – WDM/Survature will do the rest!

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