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Work Design Readers eagerly consume the latest research and actively contribute their opinions, too!

Uncovering information and insights that no one else has asserts yourself as a thought-leader in your industry. While being a cost leader or a leader in service is nice, those that are leaders in knowledge and innovation are who truly rise above the competition.

Social Media Poll Packs
Our social media Poll Packs are perfect for two answer option questions to gain instant input on a pressing workplace issue. The question plus an image is shared on the following Work Design platforms: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. (18,965+ followers) Excellent way to humanize your brand!
Whitepaper and Research Executive Summaries*
Did your recently completed research yield surprising findings that need to be shared? Qualifying research is ideal for a collaborative executive summary designed to direct our data savvy readers to the full findings. These pieces traditionally earn the highest pageviews! Each piece receives social media and email support.
Click here to view the Jacobs example.
Custom Surveys and Thought Leader Distinguishers
Together with our partner, Survature, we can provide an all-new survey platform that increases participation and reveals participant priorities. For more information click here.
Starting at $6,000
*One available per month