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How to Design Workplaces for Neurodivergent Employees

Motionspot's Jason Slocombe explores how workplaces can be designed to better meet the needs of neurodivergent employees.

A Functional Post-Pandemic Office that Inspires

Stephanie L’Estrange of Taylor Design asks: do our workspace environments inspire our employees to not “just work,” but to do their very best work?

Workplace Acoustics Intervention Recap: The 3 Takeaways

Sharing the top 3 key takeaways from our recent Workplace Acoustics Intervention presented by Steve Johnson in Washington, D.C.!

Workplace Acoustics: Intervention For Our Friends In Design

The oft-maligned “open office” is often due to the lack of consideration for acoustics. How can we address acoustics within well-designed and productive office...

How the Move Downtown is Paying off for McDonald’s, and Other Industry News

A year after leaving suburban Chicago, McDonald's is offering data points that confirm the advantages, acoustic properties can have a major impact on how comfortable we find spaces, and more news.

Good Office Design Includes Soundproofing for Productivity

Tips and tricks to create small design changes for strategic soundproofing that will increase employee productivity and happiness at work.

Good Office Design Reduces the Hidden Costs of Healthcare

While healthcare spending may seem unmanageable, reducing the “hidden costs” of healthcare is under your control.

Teaching Your Eyes to Hear

Steve Johnson of ADI Workplace Acoustics explains how teaching your eyes to hear will improve the quality of experience for the occupants of the beautiful spaces that you create.

When Bad Acoustics Happen to Good Workplaces

Bad acoustics are the culprit in many unsuccessful workplace design projects. Here's how and why the proper use of sound absorbing materials and sound masking can make all the difference.

So You’re Not Ready to Give Up Your Private Executive Office…

See how a forward-thinking private equity firm with a youthful company culture struck a balance between private and communal space in their new Manhattan office.

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