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Flexible And Functional: Home Office Solutions From Groupe Lacasse

Home office solutions from Groupe Lacasse offer commercial grade furniture thought for your home.

Watson’s C9 Creates Open Layouts That Were Previously Impossible

The C9 Office System from Watson allows for ultimate flexibility: a beautiful height-adjustable desk and a power rail that is no longer confined to straight runs.

Spencer Ogden’s Branded London Offices are Funky and Sophisticated

Spencer Ogden engaged Office Principles for the job of creating a sophisticated and funky branded office, which embodied its evolution as a company.

Manhattan Company Moves from a Traditional to an Agile Workplace

To create an agile workspace, Ted Moudis Associates converted private offices to innovative meeting rooms.

Unispace Designs Agile Spaces for Airbus to Increase Innovation, Collaboration

Unispace, a workplace design expert, designed an agile concurrent design facility for Airbus in the South of France, aimed at helping expedite solutions more rapidly.

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