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Going in Circles? Good!

Ware Malcomb's Director of Sustainability, Erica Godun highlights a path to sustainable workplace design in the era of circularity, where architects and designers champion repurposing, reclaiming, and reimagining materials, ultimately crafting environmentally responsible spaces for a brighter future.

Circularity in Chicago & Beyond

Here's our recap of WDM, IFMA-Chicago, and the Workplace Evolutionaries - Chicago Hub's recent event featuring experts discussing circularity. 

Circularity in Chicago & Beyond • April 20th

Celebrate Earth Week by joining us on April 20th from 5-7PM @Steelcase at THE MART for a special evening discussing the Circular Economy.

12 Days of Trends: Biomimicry and Circularity

Trend 11 of 12: Biophilia and natural elements are important in the workplace. But often the view counts as much, if not more.

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