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Culture Versus Convenience: The Realities of Returning to the Office

RSP’s David Serrano and Kari Smith explain lessons learned from the first wave of employees returning to offices across the country and how to embrace company culture in a new way.

Training and Development: A Valuable Tool in the Return-to-Office Push

As employees transition back to working in the office, HLW's Evan Rusinowitz explores the benefits of improving post-pandemic training and development.

Rethinking the Hybrid Workplace Model As a Community Builder

Jamie Feuerborn & Michelle Beganskas of Ted Moudis share how to use the hybrid workplace for connection, empathy, and creativity.

Workplace Branding: Integrating Culture and Marketing in the New Normal

In part two of this series on branding, Robin Weckesser of a3 Workplace Strategies explores tips for implementing a branding strategy. Check out part one here. As...

Predicting the Unpredictable: How to Prepare for the Return to the Office

FCA's John Campbell shares how we can prepare ourselves and our offices for the return to the workplace.

The Four Pillars of Today’s Workplace Design

Francis Cauffman Architects' Ann Hoffman shares the four pillars of transformation management to help better understand and prepare for the return to the office.

Drivers of Emotions and Experiential Space Design

Experiential design that has accurately captured the cultural, social, and behavioral characteristics of the people using the space can improve work, life, and engagement.

10 Things that Will Inform Post-Vaccine Workspace Design

Inger Bartlett shares lessons learned from the past year and the top 10 concepts influencing office projects in the very near future.

Evolutions In Workspace Design

As companies explore the future of work, policies and practices centered on flexibility and empowerment will be critical moving forward.

The Role Of The Future Office: Innovation, Mentorship and Culture

NINE dot ARTS' Martha Weidmann shares how workplaces can, and must, transform into a space of innovation, mentorship and culture.  

The Employee Experience: Driving Innovation

Will the office remain the same as we return to work, or will we use this incredible opportunity to examine what can be different?

Industry News: Should The Workplace Be More Emotionally Inclusive?

Employing an antipode of the Chief Happiness Officer, Amazon HQ2 is a statement about the future of cities, and more news.

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