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Why We Need Disruption In Corporate Real Estate In 2020

Hassell's Matthew Blain shares the catalyst needed for change in corporate real estate, and why we must truly embrace and drive this transformation. 

Disruption in Commercial Real Estate: Is this our Kodak Moment? 

Kay Sargent explains why the workplace design industry needs to innovate and evolve, otherwise this will be our Kodak moment.

Chasing Productivity and Innovation: Can the Workplace Get Us There?

Productivity and innovation are derived through empowering the employee with choice; by architectural transparency and openness; and by providing spaces that disrupt and communicate inspiration and motivation the individual and the team.

CoreNet Global Summit in Seattle 2017 Recap

The recent CoreNet Global Summit in Seattle, attracted almost 3,000 corporate real estate end users, service providers and economic developers to discuss the state (and future) of CRE.

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