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Interview with NeoCon Expert and KI CEO Dick Resch

KI CEO Dick Resch, who has attended all 50 NeoCon events, wins the attendance award. If only The Mart awarded one!

A Green Solution for Old Office Furniture

Five years ago, Staples launched a partnership with Davies Office Furniture. We spoke with the team involved to learn more about this successful venture and the good it's doing for the environment.

CBRE Furniture Forum – What’s Next?

A year of hard work culminated with the final CBRE Furniture Forum in Chicago this past November, and left us wondering: what's next for CBRE’s Julie Deignan and Contract Consulting Group’s Amanda Schneider?

NeoCon East 2017 in Review

The 15th annual show was held in Philadelphia on November 15th and 16th. We ventured forth on an early morning train with anticipation that the...

Reimagining the Furniture Selection, Specification, and Procurement Process

The CBRE Furniture Forum asks - can we reimagine how we manage the furniture selection, specification, and procurement process? Over lunch after the annual turmoil...

Expanding Boundaries with Highly Creative Workspaces

The TMA design team met the challenges of budget and schedule with a light hearted, fun environment to support their client’s changing workplace strategy.

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