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healthy workplaces

Designing Offices For ESG

HOK designers Christine Vandover and Komal Kotwal share how a disciplined approach to design can lead to sustainable, equitable and healthy new workplaces.

Designing for Healthy, Happy Workplaces

Lizzie Gerock of Gresham Smith explores the complexities and solutions of a successful, sustainable, and happy workplace.

Designing Healthy Workplaces That Foster Employee Happiness

What is the key to a healthy, happy workplace? Lauren Gardner and Steven South of Spectorgroup take a look at why environments that make employees feel at home and included are vital.  

Industry News: Instagram-Worthy Offices To Wow Gen Z

Attracting Gen Z with Instagram-worthy offices, how wearables can help us design healthy workplaces, and more news from around the web.

Breaking the Employee Burnout Cycle with Workplace Strategy

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, RSP's Kari Smith explains why workplace strategy is crucial to avoiding employee burnout and how organizations can use change management to help their people thrive.

Industry News: Healthy offices now a must-have for building owners

Building owners should invest in ways to improve the health of office spaces, don't force your employees back to the office, and more news from around the web.

Inviting Nature into the Workplace

Bartlett & Associates' Inger Bartlett shares ideas for designing healthy and calming workplaces that take cues from the natural world

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