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Beyond Physical Space: Programming Strategies For A Happy Workplace

Melissa Pesci and Amin Mojtahedi of HGA surveyed their clients to understand what keeps their employees productive and happy to return to the office and share six scalable ideas.

2023 Trends: A People-First Design Approach To The Workplace

Haley Nelson, Amin Mojtahedi, and Daniel J. Michaud of HGA examine how a people-first mindset puts employees’ needs at the forefront and results in a people-first, digitally led work experience.

Step Inside SAP’s Academy for Engineering Designed By HGA

The design of SAP's Academy for Engineering by HGA was developed and implemented during the pandemic and, therefore, had to be flexible and accommodating to whatever the future may hold. 

HGA Transforms Revered San Francisco Chronicle Newsroom

To achieve the San Francisco Chronicle's goal of balancing a classical feel with a fresh, modern look, the HGA team took advantage of pre-existing elements while introducing new ones.

HGA Creates A Hospitality-Driven Space For Cushman & Wakefield

HGA’s Workplace Team worked in coordination with Cushman & Wakefield to bring this Washington D.C. office space to life.

Why Agile Workplaces Are Now More Important Than Ever

As the world moves towards the next normal, agile workplaces will become more important than ever before.

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