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inclusive design

Looking Outside the Workplace for Inclusive Design

IIDA's Erika Moody highlights the people shaping the workplace — and the importance of conversations for considerations at every level. 

Fidget to Focus: Unlocking Workplace Potential with Inclusive Furniture

Our 2023 Next Work Environment Competition Student Winner, Haley Giroux, expands on elements of her winning submission to discuss Inclusive Furniture through the lens of a young Gen Z perspective.

NeoCon Talks: Why Include OTs in Your Inclusive Design Team?

Want to collaborate with Occupational Therapists? Join us on Tuesday, June 11th on the 7th Floor of the Mart from 2:00 - 2:20 PM...

ODAA Injects WongDoody’s Quirky Personality into their LA Office

ODAA helped client WongDoody create a more collaborative and inspiring workplace post-COVID for their Los Angeles office. 

Revitalizing the Future of Work Through She, We and Me Spaces

Jeannie Wu of Gensler and Jules Lairson of Work & Mother explore the impact of creating spaces that promote wellness.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace is Redefining How Companies Operate

RSP designer Kelsey Sullivan NCIDQ, WELL AP, IIDA explains how and why employers are accommodating and celebrating neurodiversity in the workplace, making work life better for everyone.  

Industry News: What Happens to Real Estate if WeWork Goes Bankrupt?

WeWork's options are limited as they head towards bankruptcy, why employees need to take lunch breaks like the French, and more news.

How People-First Design Enables ALL People to Thrive in the Office

Yong In of Unispace share four ways employers looking to up their in-office attendance can consider taking a people-first approach to office design.

Designing for Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Inclusive design recognizes the importance of creating environments that support a wide range of physical abilities and neurodiverse individuals. Spaces that respond to a wider range of needs, sensitivities and behaviors benefit everyone.

Three Keys for Designing Inclusive Workspaces

Perkins&Will's Helen Schneider and Jaclyn Guasco share three considerations for designers to keep in mind as they create inclusive spaces.

Diverse Voices & Powerful Narratives in the Workplace

Beth Novitsky of Gensler explores three ways to tell a more inclusive story in the workplace. 

2023 Trends: Supporting Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Perkins&Will's Julie Gauthier explores how designing for neurodiversity can attract and maintain talent, build stronger teams, and develop a competitive edge.

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