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What’s New? A Conversation With Cheryl Durst

IIDA Executive Vice President, Cheryl Durst reflects on her 25-year tenure at IIDA and gives us a sneak peek at several new initiatives both personally and for the organization.

Sanjay Rishi On His New Book “The Workplace You Need Now”

This is a video interview with Sanjay Rishi, CEO of JLL Work Dynamics discussing the concepts and reasons behind his recent book "The Workplace You Need Now".

Janet Pogue McLaurin On Where Work and The Workplace is Headed

WDM chats with Janet Pogue McLaurin of Gensler to learn more about their US Workplace Survey Summer 2021 and the future of workplace design.

Let’s Talk Design – Interview with Carl Gustav Magnusson and Emanuela Frattini Magnusson

WDM connects with Carl Gustav Magnusson and Emanuela Frattini Magnusson on their design process and new product offerings.

In the Mind of the Designer: Jeannette Altherr on Her Work for Arper

WDM was fortunate to catch up with Barcelona based designer Jeannette Altherr who kindly answered several questions about her recent work.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals new HQ was designed with the Force of Life in mind

Japan-based pharmaceutical company, Takeda was inspired by their core values and mission statement when designing their new corporate headquarters. 

Primo Orpilla on His Design Process, Measuring Results, and More

Primo Orpilla shares insight on what informs his design process, measuring the effectiveness of workplace design, and his passions outside of the office.

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