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KKT Architects

Where Are They Now: KKT Architects

We caught up with KKT Architects, the winners of the 2022 Next Work Environment Competition to see where they are now!

KKT Architects’ Work from the Cloud Submission – Winners in ‘Pie in the Sky’ Category

Meet the KKT Architects team and their winning Work from the Cloud submission. Our jurors loved this submission so much, they created a new 'Pie in the Sky' category for them.

Where Are They Now: KKT Architects Archipelago Coworking Space

The KKT Architects team submission will be featured in a book coming out soon! Find out what the team is up to today.

Meet The Winners: Team KKT Architects The Archipelago Coworking Space

Meet the KKT Architects Team: Coworking Space category winners with their innovative ‘The Archipelago’ submission. 

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