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How to Create a Resilient Workspace

SmithGroup's Ryan Boe discusses how resilient design proves to be beneficial for neurodiverse individuals in the workforce.

NeoCon Talks: Sensory Processing and Neurodiversity in 2024

Want to learn more about sensory processing and neurodiversity in the workplace? Join us on Tuesday, June 11th on the 7th Floor of the...

Designing to Support Neurodiversity in a Post-Pandemic World

Elsy Studios' Juliana Rini shares seven opportunities to consider when designing a positive experience for neurodivergent employees.

Revolutionizing Workspaces: Embracing Neurodiversity, Sensory Design, and Evocative Colors for an Inclusive Future

M Moser's Frances Gain and Gurvinder Khurana delve into three key elements of revolutionary, people-centric workspaces.

Top 10 Articles & Expert Insights from 2023

Thank you to our readers and followers for including us as a valuable resource. Enjoy this list of most popular articles from 2023!

Industry News: What Workplaces Misunderstand About Neurodiversity

What the workplace is not getting right about neurodiversity, how the workplace became the star of TV, and more news.

There is No “One Size Fits All” Solution to Design

Erica Fitts of FCA explores how offering choice and variety in an office plan can help all employees feel welcome.

Designing for Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Inclusive design recognizes the importance of creating environments that support a wide range of physical abilities and neurodiverse individuals. Spaces that respond to a wider range of needs, sensitivities and behaviors benefit everyone.

Designing Workspaces For All

Ryan Boe of SmithGroup explores the importance of broadening DEI to include neurodiversity and how this can benefit workplace design.

Understanding Whole-Brain Design

Terri Zborowsky, Julie Mendoza-Lollar, and Heather Bachman of HGA share why designing for neurodiversity starts with understanding how people with different ways of thinking can feel comfortable in the workplace.

Tips For Designing a People-First Workplace

Michael Stueve of Ankrom Moisan shares some of the ways people-first design can translate to the workplace.

Redefining the Workplace for a Remote-First Workforce

Debra Breslow of Meyer Design shares how to blend remote-first and in-person collaboration in a way that supports employee health and workplace culture. 

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