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Art and the Outdoors: Tips & Benefits for Office Developers

Martha Weidmann of NINE dot ARTS explores why art and nature are critical to a workspace.

Three Art Trends to Improve the Return to Office Experience for Employees

Martha Weidmann of NINE dot ARTS shares how companies are leveraging art to boost morale as employees finally begin to return to the office. 

The Role of Art in Workplace Health and Wellness

Martha Weidmann of NINE dot ARTS shares how to increase employee engagement, performance, and satisfaction through cultivated workplace art.

The Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Office Design Lets Art Shine

Elsy Studios weaved industrial elements into the interior of the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation which showcases art curated by NINE dot ARTS.

How Large-Scale Art Can Amplify Your Brand and Build Connection

Why not make your space stand out? Martha Weidmann of NINE dot ARTS explores how large-scale artwork draws employees and visitors attention and extends an invitation to explore and discover.

What Art and Your Mental Well-Being Have in Common

Martha Weidmann of NINE dot ARTS makes the case for increasing health and happiness at work through the inclusion of inspiring art.

The Role Of The Future Office: Innovation, Mentorship and Culture

NINE dot ARTS' Martha Weidmann shares how workplaces can, and must, transform into a space of innovation, mentorship and culture.  

Office Design in 2021: 5 Reasons Art is in Big Demand

Martha Weidmann of NINE dot ARTS explores how investing in good art can redefine corporate and creative office spaces.

Why Workplace Art is a Good Investment – and Good Business

Why you should insist on strengthening the intersection of art and business to make people happier, business stronger, and your community more vibrant.

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