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open work environments

Standing Desks May Not be Cures for Anything, and Other Industry News

Standing desks might not be the 'cure' we thought they were, how to create open work environments that actually foster collaboration, and more news.

Ayse Birsel on Her Design Philosophy, Work With Herman Miller, & More

WDM's Elise Shapiro recently interviewed Ayse Birsel to learn more about the development of Herman Miller's Overlay and her overall design philosophy.

Integra’s Summit Lounge: A Multi-Faceted Seating Solution for the Modern Office

Integra's Summit Lounge seating offers a flexible solution for open plan spaces, encouraging impromptu meetings and alternative places to work.

Open Offices: One Size Does Not Fit All

With much of recent press focused on the open office debate, Work Design Magazine Publisher, Bob Fox, shares his thoughts on the topic.

CEOs Talk Workplace: Interview with 2U CEO Chip Paucek

We sat down with 2U CEO and Co-Founder Christopher "Chip" Paucek to discuss how their move to a new facility not only celebrates the continuing success of the organization, but also exemplifies their vibrant culture.

A Creative, Budget-Conscious Way to Brand Your Open Workspace

See how a non-traditional insurance company used transparent hot pink panels to punctuate their open-plan office.

When Bad Acoustics Happen to Good Workplaces

Bad acoustics are the culprit in many unsuccessful workplace design projects. Here's how and why the proper use of sound absorbing materials and sound masking can make all the difference.

Addressing Risk in Open Work Environments

Creating a wide open work environment can solve a lot of problems, but there are a few risks to watch out for when implementing the change.

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