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Expectations and Demands for More Workplace Benefits and Amenities

Robin Weckesser of a3 Workplace Strategies explores how the return-to-the-office has presented new challenges and opportunities for the future of work.

Is Celebrating Brand and Culture Enough?

Kendra Kettelhut, a workplace designer at SmithGroup, examines the next wave of employee engagement and retention. Brand and culture go hand in hand. They have...

That was Then – This is Now

Gensler's Sven Govaars takes at look at the 3 R's that dominate today's workplaces. Hint: they are not: reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic.

What it Takes to Move a Law Firm, Part 2

A deeper look at the challenges that two law firms face as they brace for the future of work.

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