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The Value of the Invisible in Workplace Design

SmithGroup's Dennis Daisey and Nancy Kohout explore the invisible elements and their value in healthy workplace design. 

2023 Trends: Back To The Future With Adaptive Reuse

Mark Adams of SmithGroup explores how adaptive reuse can contribute to a more sustainable future while utilizing the past.

To Be Or Not To Be…In The Office? This Is NOT The Question

Now it is time to invest in a system of change that helps your company move beyond ‘to be or not to be…in the office.’

Authentically Gen Z: The Values, Aspirations & Drivers That Will Re-Define the Future of Work

SmithGroup's Deborah Nemeth and Megan Skaalen explore the personal and professional goals that drive Gen Z and how this will impact the future of work.

How Designers Can Set The Stage For A Flexible Future

Mark Adams & Amy Clark of SmithGroup share what's working for their firm and clients as they continue to evolve to meet today and tomorrow’s needs. 

Does Your Office Design Sabotage Your Team’s Psychological Safety?

Dennis Daisey and Amy Clark of SmithGroup explore how design that supports psychological safety can aid organizations in achieving their business objectives.

Working Outside: A Critical Component in the New Ecosystem of Work

SmithGroup's Michelle Romero and Simone Schoen share tips and inspiration for creating outdoor workspaces.

Reinforcing Workplace Culture and Community in a Hybrid Future

Bob Varga and Alexis Kim of SmithGroup explore the importance of stitching together workplace culture and community in order to thrive as we return to work.

Data, Design and a Human-Centric Approach to Optimize Your Evolving Workplace

Alexis Kim & Matt Dumich of SmithGroup explore how data can revolutionize the human-centric workplaces of the future.

Office Building Repositioning: Designing for the Post-Pandemic Workplace

SmithGroup's John Crump & Deborah Nemeth share four key factors to consider when thinking about an office building repositioning strategy.

2022 Workplace Trends: Organizational Experimentation

Amy Clark and Bob Varga of SmithGroup explore the importance of organizational experimentation in 2022.

The Future of Work Calls for Evolution, Not Just Another Change

SmithGroup's Alexis Kim asks: How are we preparing individuals and organizations as a whole for yet another change?

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