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2022 Workplace Trends: Will VR Open Up New Choices?

Studio O+A's Primo Orpilla shares how VR could offer designers an infinity of choices in 2022 and beyond. 

Empathy In Practice

These designers of NeoCon's recent virtual program aren't waiting around for change to happen, they are using design as a tool to enable much needed change.

A New Typology for 2021: The Home Room

Primo Orpilla of Studio O+A introduces the Home Room, a transitional space between the changing area and the work area, that we will see more of in 2021.

It’s Time For Interior Designers To Make Climate Change Commitments, and Other Industry News

Why interior designers need to start making climate change commitments, a video game that imagines a never-ending, terrible work day, and more news.

How An Old Food Truck Steered A San Francisco Design Firm To Discover the True Power of Design

Studio O+A co-founder Verda Alexander re-purposed an old food truck to take her design team on the road in the name of social outreach and urban development.

Podcasts We’re Listening To

Happy Halloween, WDM readers! We have a special treat to share with you: our list of recommended podcasts.

What We’re Reading To Get ‘Back to School’ Ready

In the spirit of "Back to School" season, Work Design Magazine editor, Elise Shapiro reached out to some of her favorite industry experts to find out what they recommend as a good read.

Primo Orpilla on His Design Process, Measuring Results, and More

Primo Orpilla shares insight on what informs his design process, measuring the effectiveness of workplace design, and his passions outside of the office.

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