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touchless technology

Returning to the Office: Emerging Trends and Unchartered Paths

Jeffrey Paine and Bethany Ratcliff explore how to develop future workplaces that meet client needs and sustain office culture.

Smart Buildings Set To Be A Staple In Post-Pandemic World

JLL's Akshay Thakur explores the smart building technologies that will enhance the work experience as we return to the office.

The Role of Technology in the Workplace of the Future

Ken Bayern and Dena Yamaguchi of CallisonRTKL share how workplace technology will evolve in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Invest in Technology to Prepare Our Workspaces for the Present and Future

With new challenges in workplace safety as we return to the office, it is time to finally use technology to make our workplaces smarter, safer, and more efficient.

How Technology Is Helping Reimagine The Post-Pandemic Workplace

The changes to office technology post COVID-19 will bring new features that could make our work life more efficient, productive and healthy.

Five Post-COVID Behaviors and Attitudes that Will Reshape the Workplace

NELSON Worldwide shares five behavior and attitude shifts they predict will have the heaviest impact on the corporate workplace along with recommendations for meeting these challenges.

Sensors, Smart Tags & Signage for a Safer Workplace

Don't Miss the second Virtual Technology Summit Join PMC, Haworth and Freespace for a 2-part series to find out how touchless technologies such as sensors,...

A New Normal: Touchless Offices in the Post-Pandemic World

The open office layout will survive COVID-19 – with the help of building automation systems to create the touchless office.

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