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Ware Malcomb

Circularity in Chicago & Beyond • April 20th

Celebrate Earth Week by joining us on April 20th from 5-7PM @Steelcase at THE MART for a special evening discussing the Circular Economy.

Ware Malcomb’s Latest Project Positively Impacts LA’s Skyline And Economic Growth

Take a tour of 2130 Violet Street by Ware Malcomb. The building design was heavily influenced by the Los Angeles Arts District’s industrial heritage.

Why ESG Should Influence How We Design Spaces

Erica Godun, Ware Malcomb explores how ESG can have a broad, positive impact on our spaces as we expand design possibilities to include more than the physical space.

2023: Trust the Essential Metric

Cynthia Milota and Mary Cheval of Ware Malcomb predict that measuring trust on the organizational, team and manager levels will be fundamental to establishing a sustainable hybrid work model.

Make Haste Slowly 

Cynthia Milota of Ware Malcomb explores how slow forward momentum in workplace planning – while incorporating safety, patience, perspective, and transparency – will ease adoption of the next normal.

Meet The Winners: Ware Malcomb’s Pearl

Meet the Ware Malcomb team: the winners of the Furniture category. 

A&D Organizations Weigh In On Returning To Work And The Future of Design

WDM readers want to know how A&D organizations think workspace design is changing and their thoughts on how to return to work.

The Lease is Up: Office Space Decisioning during a Pandemic

Ware Malcomb's Cynthia Milota shares that there is one certainty in all this COVID-19 ambiguity: the date of your lease expiration.

Return to the Workplace: Lessons from Healthcare for an Ounce of Prevention

What can the workplace learn from the healthcare industry post-COVID-19?

Post-Pandemic Workplace Evaluation: Capturing Data From The Remote Workforce

This unprecedented disruption to the workplace has provided a unique chance to study the impacts of more distributed remote workforce.

A Common Sense Guide for Returning to the Post COVID-19 Workplace

Ware Malcomb’s Cynthia Milota offers strategic and tactical planning guidelines for our ultimate return to the office. 

Ware Malcomb Redesigns a Coworking Space for the Foodies and Techies

Ware Malcomb redesigns Soylent Innovation Lab, a coworking space, that helps to cater to their food, beverage, and tech companies. 

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