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workplace amenities

As the Workplace Continues to Evolve, it’s Time to Find Common Ground

Robin Weckesser of a3 Workplace Strategies shares why designers must redefine the purpose of the office to encourage employees to return. 

Less Feels Like More in Hybrid Workspace Design

If you aim to balance employee expectations with the realities of the commercial real estate market, Alexis Dennis-Huether, of The S/L/A/M Collaborative says less should feel like more.

How Can Office Design Help To Rebuild Working Relationships?

The Perkins Eastman Design Strategy team explores how to rebuild workplace friendships with three ideas to foster rapport.

Are We Losing Sight of How To Build a Better Workplace?

In the amenity arms race, the Perkins Eastman Design Strategy team shares a few ideas to build a better workplace.

Rolling Out the Welcome Mat at Work

Sydney Moeller and Marilyn Russell of Baker Barrios Architects explore how the hospitality sector is influencing office design.

People-Driven Alternate Workspaces

People are the most important “amenity,” whether working from a traditional office, working from home, or working from a “third place.”

Industry News: How to Work Toward Fair Textile Supply Chains

Where to start if you want to see more transparent textile supply chains, sustainability will continue to be the key focus in commercial interior design, and more.

The Next Generation Private Office

Private offices are making a comeback. But these are not your parents’ offices. Personal spaces can play a key role in a flexible, collaborative workplace.

The Compatibility Of The Office With Mixed-Use

Ancelmo Perez of Nadel Architects explores the benefits of a mixed-use environment for owners, tenants and their employees.

2023 Trends: People are the New Amenity

As companies are eager to get their teams back, HOK's Kay Sargent explores why people are the amenity that will be the draw back to shared space.

Industry News: How can real estate keep up with the changing workplace?

How the workplace industry and employers can keep up with change, defining the position of an architect, and more news.

Industry News: Breaking Down the Architecture Of Haunted Houses

The architecture and design details of haunted houses from 5 classic films, office amenities that will make employees want to return, and more.

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