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workplace psychology

Exploring the Psychological Dynamics of Interior Design in the Workplace

By understanding the human psyche, Elma Milanovic of FitzGerald says interior designers can create environments that promote comfort, productivity, and a sense of connection.

Industry News: Psychology-Approved Design Strategies for Return-to-Work

How employers can create a favorable psychosocial environment, the role of a workplace designer has evolved to include vibe managers, and more news.

Workplace Designers Are Wearing Many Hats in 2023

Stantec's Chris Miller explores four new roles that workplace designers now play.

The Role of Connectedness in the Future of Work

Dustin A. Jackson, Ph.D. and BHDP's Samantha Delabar explore ways to rebuild the lost connectedness as workers return to the office.

Saving the Workplace by Design: The Hidden Psychology of Safe Space

Donald M. Rattner shares a sampling of the safe space techniques that should be part of every workplace designer’s toolkit in the post-COVID era.

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