Wanted: Captivating Video Case Studies


Our readers love videos!

Have you captured the story of your most innovative project, to date, on video? Let us put your video front and center for our loyal following of workplace practitioners and business decision makers for a week (and beyond) to boost visibility.

Our readers appreciate that we profile spaces that inspire human achievement and in the last eight weeks alone, our project profiles have averaged 1,163 page views.

WDM editors will create an SEO-optimized article upon receiving what we need from you:

  • Project’s background information
  • 4-6 hi-res photos
  • Link to existing case study video

We’ll embed your video into our primetime location, outside of the homepages, on the upper right hand corner of every page on workdesign.com.

Next, we’ll share the news far and wide on our Monday e-newsletter (6,000+ subscribers) + impactful posts on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn platforms (19,000+ followers).

The combination of our written profile and your captivating video will add authenticity to your communication efforts AND showcase your company’s credibility and results to your clients.

Ready to ‘hit play’ with us?

Contact [email protected] to secure your week.


Q: Is there a fee?
A: Yes. The cost is a wallet-friendly $500/video.
Q: Will this replace the free project profiles?
A: No, standard written project profiles will still be free and handled directly with our Project Profile Editors. However, profiles with the paid video component will get first priority.
Q: How recent does the video have to be?
A: We (our readers) prefer a project that was completed within the last 18 months – 2 years. For truly innovative projects that time frame can be extended.
Q: What if I miss my deadlines for a particular week?
A: The information and links need to be supplied one week prior to posting. This is a firm deadline. If you miss this deadline we’ll try to get your profile and video in the very next available open content spot – but it’s best to meet the deadlines. 😉
Q: Will every video purchased be automatically accepted?
A: No. Every video will be previewed to ensure it’s not self promotional.
Q: How long with the video and profile be live?
A: Videos will enjoy life in the primetime positioning for 2 weeks and then remain embedded in the project profile for up to five years.