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    AgilQuest has been supporting the Hybrid Workplace for almost 30 years. With Forum, an easy-to-use, intuitive workplace management platform, organizations can offer freedom and flexibility with control. Create a seamless workplace experience, accurately measure utilization, trace employee presence, and offer an easy way for employees to find and claim places to work, at a safe distance.

    Solutions for: Office, Coworking, Work-from-Home
    Forum provides solutions for the office, shared spaces, and allows employees to indicate whether they are working from home, or at a third-party coworking space.

    Key Features
    • Desk Booking: secure a desk before heading to the office
    • Room Scheduling: Book a single room or multi-point events from web, mobile app, digital signs, and Microsoft and Google calendars
    • Reverse Hoteling: Release a dedicated seat when the employee is out of the office to allow for use by others
    • Hybrid meetings: Schedule meetings with Microsoft and Google calendars to add your favorite conferencing platform and your meeting room(s).
    • Capacity Management: prevent new desk bookings once a pre-set capacity has been met
    • Touchless: Use Mobile App and QR Codes to secure and check-in to desks and meeting rooms
    • Employee Safety: Health Screening, Physical Distancing, Contact Tracing, Cleaning reports
    • Coordinate People and Team: See current and future space bookings to sync schedules with Teams or see if a colleague is in the office or working from home.
    • Space and Presence Analytics: Understand how your space is being used, who is coming into the office, when, and what spaces are most and least popular.
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