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    Meetings are a big deal and have always been an integral part of the workplace. They’re our lifeblood for congregation, collaboration, and spontaneous innovation. With an increasingly flexible approach to office standards, in-office routines, and seating – the way we allocate, occupy, and use meeting and conference rooms is of the utmost importance to upkeep business momentum.

    The meeting room booking feature in the Inpixon Experience platform gives employees the ability to:

    • Lookup meeting spaces and conference room availability in real-time, in-app
    • View room layout, capacities, amenities, and other important details for team collaboration
    • Reserve a space while also inviting live and remote attendees
    • Access automated in-room experiences with intelligent IoT-enabled NFC tags, sensors, and conference room relay
    • Power a comprehensive office experience that combines a smart meeting room reservation system with desk booking tools in a single workplace experience app

    Inpixon goes beyond building value for employees by providing in-depth oversight to workplace teams across facilities, operations, and real estate. Inpixon Experience gives businesses’ full visibility into how meeting rooms are being used so you have actionable insights on the makeup of your on-site spaces and assets.

    In addition, the app platform approach helps you eliminate complex tech stacks and reduce app overload in the workplace. With over 125 native features and more than 75 partner integrations, Inpixon provides an open, flexible solution that delivers a comprehensive workplace experience on-site, in-person, and everywhere in between.

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    Sustainability Statement

    Inpixon Experience promotes sustainability by creating a paperless workplace experience that enables companies to focus their energy and materials consumption on the features, functions and spaces that are most useful to their employees and cut back on waste. Moreover, it helps organizations maximize the utilization of their existing desks, rooms & amenities, reducing the need to expand their carbon footprint to accommodate growth in headcount and services.

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    As teams re-enter the workplace in phases and at reduced capacities, a mobile app is more relevant than ever. These features and capabilities give companies the necessary tools to support flex work styles and easily manage complex re-entry requirements, on-site capacities, desk and space inventory, safety alerts and more – all in support of a healthier connection between the workforce and our work environments.

    Health and wellness features that aim to protect the workforce include:

    • Desk & Room Booking – Insights into inventory and capacity
    • Density Monitoring – Track high traffic and densely populated areas
    • Health Questionnaire – Perform self-assessment for entry
    • Contactless Interactions – Trigger automated interactions within physical spaces
    • Location-Based Communications – Receive alerts based on who you are and where you are

    Our mobile-led touchpoints influence healthy work habits and empower employees to make safer decisions in real-time based on contextually relevant, location-specific data that comes through one entry point – Inpixon Experience.

    Key Features

    Inpixon Experience meeting room booking features offer an affordable solution, at scale for a global workplace. We go beyond point-based solutions by offering a complete office technology stack that is of value to operations teams and employees.

    Our meeting room booking features include:

    • Live Availability – Display a color-coded map of available spaces as well as search capabilities for future usage or specific requirements.
    • In-Room Amenities – Lists meeting room attributes to give employees fast facts on what is available in each space.
    • Touchless Check-In – Uses sensors to automatically check-in employees into a reserved space to maintain accurate booking and occupancy inventory.
    • Automatic Release – Identifies when conference rooms are not being occupied as intended and releases the space back into the local inventory.
    • Location Aware – Powers navigation and turn-by-turn directions to rooms and workstations with state-of-the-art indoor positioning.
    • Conference Room Relay – Connects with in-room equipment to activate screens, projection, teleconferencing needs for an accessible, touch-free experience.
    • Occupancy Insights – Offers real-time occupancy data so teams can reserve a collaboration space that makes all participants feel welcome and comfortable.
    • Real-Time Notifications – Use mobile updates to send time-sensitive communications and alerts to employees and visitors by user, location, and globally across your entire workforce.

    Most importantly, all these features and even more capabilities are streamlined through a centralized hub. Inpixon Experience solves multiple use cases, enterprise wide with one platform, including meeting room reservations and desk booking.

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