Reflect™ by DIRTT


Made to harmonize with your space and aesthetic, Reflect™ is DIRTT’s ultra-slim glass wall elevation. Reflect is the best of manufactured construction together with the aesthetic of clean lines and a reliable fit. It’s a minimalist profile that reflects your vision. Reflect walls are designed and built within the DIRTT ecosystem, backed by 15 years of excellence in manufactured construction. The Reflect line is assembled on-site where it is independently leveled to the exact tolerances of your building.

Key Features
  • Base height of only 1¾” (44 mm)
  • More than 60% thinner than DIRTT’s standard glass walls
  • Innovative leveling system (½” variance) works in more places with uneven floors
  • Slim profile ceiling connections
  • Frameless glass barn doors with hidden hardware track
  • Transparent polycarbonate glass connections reduce the number of vertical supports
  • Efficient manufacturing to keep your project on schedule
  • Aluminum used in all DIRTT solutions contains 50-60% recycled content
Where it is manufactured?
North America
Lead Time
21 days
Project dependent, customizable solution
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