A Seat that Keeps You on Your Feet

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Natalie Grasso Cockrell
Natalie Grasso Cockrell
Natalie is a Workplace Consultant at Herman Miller and the former Editor of Work Design Magazine. She’s currently based in Pittsburgh.

Knoll’s HiLo is the ideal companion for height adjustable desks.

Image courtesy of Knoll.
Image courtesy of Knoll.

NeoCon is upon us! Leading up to the show, we’ll be featuring some of our favorite new products. Below, get to know Knoll‘s new HiLo, and stay tuned for more product coverage in the coming weeks.

What is the name of the product?


How will the product impact the workplace?

HiL returns the power to the person in choosing how he or she wants to work, and recognizes that these needs change throughout the hour and throughout the day. A new “seat” that will keep you on your feet, HiLo is a dynamic perch that supports people’s active workstyles. A handy complement to height adjustable desks and a compact office companion for impromptu chats and collaboration, HiLo creates a balance between fun and functional, sitting and standing.

How does HiLo contribute to “new ways of working”?

HiLo addresses two defining shifts in today’s work culture: a focus on well-being, and the rise of untethered, flexible work styles. Its stability allows users to naturally lean, distributing their weight and supporting healthy shifts in posture — the ideal companion to height-adjustable desks.

Who was the designer of the product?

Box Clever

Image courtesy of Knoll.
Image courtesy of Knoll.

What was the inspiration behind the product?

We know that moving more throughout the day is important to a healthy lifestyle. With the growing popularity of sit-to-stand workstations and the demand for flexible and adaptive styles of working, Knoll recognized the need for a portable ‘seat’ could strike a balance between sitting and standing. “We conceived of HiLo to personify companionship,” said Seth Murray, Box Clever co-founder. “It’s right there, it’s ready, it’s reactive, and engages the user, rather than just providing a passive embrace.”

When will the product be introduced?

NeoCon 2016 in Chicago

What do you think our readers will love about the product?

HiLo is the perfect companion for the person who wants an easy, active support. Lightweight and simple, height-adjustable HiLo stows under a desk when not needed or can be toted to an impromptu meeting. Benjamin Pardo, Knoll’s director of design, said: “We engineered HiLo with a new sense of user-activated performance in mind. It speaks so clearly to today’s spirit of work.”

What is the price?

List price will be $750.

Where can we find you at NeoCon 2016?

The Knoll NeoCon Showroom: Floor 11, Showroom 11

Will the showroom be hosting any special events?

We’re hosting a KONTOR Tech by Design panel on the future of work in our showroom. More details here; RSVP is required.


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