Take Your Carpet Tiles to the Next Dimension

Mohawk Group’s new 3D Topography collection enables the creation of a unique interior landscape.

Image courtesy of Mohawk Group.

NeoCon is upon us! Leading up to the show, we’ll be featuring some of our favorite new products. Below, get to know Mohawk Group‘s new Topography carpet collection, and stay tuned for more product coverage in the coming weeks.

What is the name of the product?


How will the product impact the workplace?

Topography is the newest modular carpet collection by Mohawk Group designed in collaboration with 13&9. Topography consists of five tiles that vary in size, geometry, and texture to enable the creation of a unique and adaptable interior landscape. The five styles offer shifts in horizon through texture changes at the perimeter or at the center of each tile creating a pattern. The varying topography of the surface materials allow for areas of relief and dimension, emotional resonance, and a grounding experience.

How does the product contribute to “new ways of working”?

With Topography, Mohawk Group is introducing a new large modular format of 24” x 48”, that can be to used with our standard 24” x 24” square format. Topography is perfect for large open plan spaces, and allows textures and patterns to be scaled up or down depending on desired floorscape.

Image courtesy of Mohawk Group.
Image courtesy of Mohawk Group.

Who was the designer of the product?

Mohawk Group designed Topography in collaboration with 13&9.

What was the inspiration behind the product?

The collection was inspired by landscape architecture, where plants and the built environment merge together to create a sustainable and harmonious sense of space.

When will the product be introduced?

NeoCon 2016

What do you think our readers will love about the product?

Topography is the newest modular carpet collection by Mohawk Group in collaboration with 13&9, designer of last year’s award winning Moving Floors. The five styles include three innovative “stretch” tiles in the large rectangular format: one with a solid edge band, one with a gradient edge band, and one with a framed outline. The remaining two styles are square: smaller framed outline, and gradient with color and texture fade effect. The styles can be used independently or together, allowing for complete design flexibility.

Image courtesy of Mohawk Group.
Image courtesy of Mohawk Group.

Anything else notable about the product that we ought to know?

Using the same innovative precision tufting technology as Moving Floors, Topography’s three-dimensional tiles have different textured bands at varying pile heights that give the perception of embossed and debossed planes. Topography was built on this same tufting platform as Moving Floors to allow for combinable styles that support non-obsolescence and sustainable design thinking. However, Topography functions as its own collection with new colors, textural components, and size formats to expand the limits of modular carpet.

Where can we find you at NeoCon 2016?

3-377 Merchandise Mart

Will the showroom be hosting any special events?

Cocktails will be served Monday and Tuesday during NeoCon, from 3–5 pm.

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