Creating a Collaborative Home Office

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We need to challenge our expectations of the home office if we are designing a space with collaboration in mind. This is a modern business approach, so my choices will have a contemporary feel.

The desk deserves the highest priority, and I suggest something non-traditional. Consider using a dining table that’s wide enough for two and move it away from the wall to make it the center of attention. Complement it with lightweight and approachable office chairs (extra tall seat backs send the wrong message). As for lighting, a pendant centered over the table is all business.

Reclaimed Desk from Four Hands

You could adopt a bare aesthetic and stop at the desk and chairs, but I feel there’s so much more we can do with the space. Find a modular bookshelf system, because the only thing constant in an open work environment is change. The system featured here has reconfigurable doors and adjustable shelves. Have a few solid teak baskets on hand for project-specific storage or general containers.

Megalak Modular Bookshelf

I enjoy disconnecting from a traditional workspace with my laptop. Take advantage of mobile devices and add an unexpected chair. A new seat will change up the routine but keep you on task.

Mid-century Chair from Kirch

Embrace scale. I love the idea of using chalkboard paint and magnetic primer to create a floor-to-ceiling calendar and task board. Populating this calendar becomes a group effort, and what was once hidden in a day planner is now a creative outlet.

Chalkboard Paint Wall from iVillage

Keep the details to a minimum, but use what you choose to convey a feeling of being home. Add a pair of table lamps to balance the desk as you would a console table. A rug gives the room a sense of completion. Owl bookends have personality. Last but not least, photo mural wallpaper made from your digital photos keeps your mind on the important things: the people closest to you.

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