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As many of our readers know, I am a huge fan of Apple’s iPad – not only because of its size, portability and ultimately great style, but also because of the extensive range of apps and applications for its use at home and in the workplace.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the apps available for collaborating in the workplace, whether you are creating an environment for your client or working everyday with your team.

Mobile Meetings

It goes without saying that one of the coolest features of the iPad is the ability to make video calls using FaceTime. So why not translate this app for use in video conferencing and meetings-on-the-go!

In every office there are times when someone has to work from home, or needs to call into a meeting from out of town. Or you may have a client whose budget does not allow for frequent in-person meetings. FaceTime gives you the ability to establish face-to-face contact without the costs, time, and resources associated with travel.

Additionally, whereas other videoconferencing tools require you to be connected at your desk or in a conference room, FaceTime allows for anywhere/anytime connectivity once you have Wi-Fi. It’s compatible with multiple Apple devices including iPad2, iPhone 4, and Mac computers.

FaceTime can be used to set up connections between offices, with an executive working while traveling, or with an employee based out of a home office. Like Apple says, “FaceTime lets you be in the office even when you’re not.”

For more ideas about facilitating mobile meetings:

Convenient Collaboration

Over the years, we have seen the whiteboard evolve from a framed accessory mounted on the wall to whiteboard paint and surfaces. Now, the whiteboard is modeled by electronic devices that allow for easy information capture. These typically require some sort of dedicated space for collaborating around the whiteboard, but with an app like SyncSpace, collaboration can take place anywhere in the office!

The developer describes this shared whiteboard app as a “zoomable drawing space’”– allowing users to send a link to colleagues and invite them to collaborate on the drawing.

I can definitely see this app being useful for working on design ideas for a project, or in any organization for planning, brainstorming, training, etc.

For more ideas about how to integrate convenient collaboration into your workplace:

Powerful Presentations

Many iUsers have not yet tapped into the full potential of their device. Did you know you can project directly from your iPad, iPhone 4 or iPod touch? The first step is to pick up a VGA adapter and then decide on which app you are going to use.

Keynote, part of Apple’s iWork suite, can be used with this adapter and is an easy way to share your presentation files.

I also wanted to see what else I could find to help iPad/iPhone users create an impactful presentation experience. After searching around I came across this Wiki from the Los Angeles School District:

For more ideas about creating powerful presentations:

(All screenshots courtesy iTunes)

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    Great information please keep it up and email anything around the Ipad. Its a revolution that so many people doe not understand.


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