Behind the Curtain: Astral Media

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In the spring of 2010, Astral Media relocated approximately 350 employees to four floors in the heart of downtown Montreal. Why? Well, for several reasons:

— To design a space that meets new furniture standards
— To create flexible meeting spaces
— To optimize employee interconnectivity
— To achieve a contemporary, energetic, and versatile working environment

These stated goals also consolidated four different business units — radio, television, advertising and digital media — into one office.

Espace de circulation des bureaux fermà ©s
Espace de circulation des bureaux ferms©

Our concept to accomplish this transition of people and space was inspired by key broadcasting industry words like influence, communication, movement, and exchange. The concept plays on the contrast between the medium and the message.

And, ultimately, the concept manifests itself through undulating and pixelated graphic interventions.

The project’s main challenge was guiding the client’s transition toward a youthful and modern image. Plus, we had to accommodate a large number of previously distributed employees into a single open and standardized space.

Espaces de travail (en aire ouverte)
Espaces de travail (en aire ouverte)

So aside from workstations, we also fitted up a main reception area, various meeting spaces (conference and meeting rooms, agora,), and common service areas (dining room, lounge, cafe©, copy centre) on each floor.

Astral Media - Floor Plan
Astral Media – Floor Plan

In order to create a rhythm and a gradation throughout the playful 6,000 m2 space, each floor was identified with its own color. The levels were linked by a central glass staircase.

Glass Staircase - View 1
Glass Staircase – View 1
Glass Staircase - View 2
Glass Staircase – View 2

Astral Media’s new flexible, functional and bright premises provide a human working experience and favor communication between employees. In fact, the project didn’t just achieve this stated goal; it also garnered the 2011 Best of Canada Award from Canadian Interiors magazine.

Description of Lemay associates© [architecture, design] (Lemay)
Photographs: Claude-Simon Langlois
The designer on the photo is Chantal Ladrie

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