Using Glass to “Celebrate Curves”

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When Lane Bryant created a new corporate office in Columbus, Ohio, they allowed interior architects Design Collective Incorporated (DCI) to translate key branding elements into design features.

Lane Bryant, formerly owned by Limited Brands, is a leader in plus-size women’s clothing. So when DCI started the project, they proposed that the interior space should “celebrate curves.”

“Throughout the 105,000 square feet of space, we incorporated curvilinear shapes in the flooring materials, numerous ceiling details, and some custom furniture features like the main reception desk,” said Marcus Brewer, the project’s lead designer and architect.

Lane Bryant - Lobby
Lane Bryant – Lobby

“But one of the most interesting uses of the curved form was in the glass walls that appear at the entrance to the Executive Office suite. Instead of creating an actual door frame, DCI created an open ‘portal’ defined by the generous curved shape.”

Lane Bryant - Renderings
Lane Bryant – Renderings

Not only does it convey that the offices are more accessible, but it conveys the shape of a typical Lane Bryant customer to all who pass through the portal.

“In the end, the continuation of the curved motif is a consistent reminder of the Lane Bryant customer, which reinforces the brand’s values,” said Robert Valentine, DCI Principal-in-Charge for the Columbus-based design firm.

And while the final application is custom looking, it added only a minimal cost; the opposite side is a drywall end wrapped in a thin-gauge metal.

Lane Bryant - Sophie's Room
Lane Bryant – Sophie’s Room

In this and other areas where a sense of translucency was desired, DCI used full-height walls and applied layers of 3M film to simulate sand-blasted or etched glass. An aluminum base rail provides support at the floor while recessing the glass at the ceiling provides a clean look, appearing as if the glass is floating.

The applied film is more cost-effective and easier to clean than real sand blasting. This application of glass was used in conference rooms and as a screen wall behind the reception desk, as well.

Lane Bryant - Conference Area
Lane Bryant – Conference Area

Glass is an upgraded material from standard drywall, but it offers so much more to the physical space. The creation of diverse lighting effects and the sense of translucency have further helped to support Lane Bryant’s brand culture.

Recently, DCI was asked to expand the original project and add more offices. The firm is expanding the use of the glass divider wall detail as illustrated in the elevation for the new project.

DCI is a member of One Platform, an alliance of North American design firms.

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