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The true evolution of the workplace is the clear acknowledgment that one size no longer fits all.

Manifest Digital, a Chicago-based interactive design agency, recently relocated their space to the Jeweler’s Building in downtown Chicago at 35 E. Wacker Drive. The 40-story landmark office faces the Chicago River.

Manifest Digital Redesign

Manifest occupies 23,000 square-feet of office space, and the lease also provides options that will allow them to expand Manifest’s occupancy within the building over time.

“The Jewelers Building represents a celebration of exceptional attention to craftsmanship that was founded and designed here nearly a hundred years ago,” said Jim Jacoby, founder and president of Manifest Digital. “In our new space, we have captured this legacy of craftsmanship in our day-to-day work designing new digital ideas for our clients.”

Manifest Digital

Gensler — a global architecture, design, planning, and consulting firm — created an environment for Manifest Digital that would enhance organizational performance, achieve measurable business goals, and be flexible for future expansion.

After assessing their needs as an organization, Gensler determined that a Beta Space office design concept would be most effective.

Manifest Digital – Beta Space

Beta Space — known as the next evolution in office design — takes the social and informal nature of a coworking layout (where employees share contiguous physical space), and applies it to a corporate setting.

Rather than approaching an office from a facilities perspective by putting X amount of desks here and Y amount of conference rooms there, Beta Space focuses on what can enhance the immediacy of interaction amongst employees. It also allows occupants to modify the space as they need and want to.

Manifest Digital

According to Todd Heiser, design director at Gensler, “We worked with Manifest to create a Beta Space concept because it was important to create an environment that would evolve over time, and celebrated all of the architectural detailing and panoramic views of 35 East Wacker.”

The office space is equipped with formal research facilities that include observation labs, testing rooms, and break out areas that all provide an environment for employees to uncover and understand the world around them in new ways.

Manifest Digital

In addition, extensive chalk board and white board space throughout the office allow employees to explore their design thinking in sprawling canvases and mind-map spacial relationships without boundaries.

Added Jacoby, “We are confident that our new space will allow us to become better business designers and entrepreneurs, and in turn our clients will find new ways to problem solve and apply solutions they never thought possible.”

Established in 2001, Manifest offers clients a blend of strategic and tactical digital services including marketing and design, technology, and user experience. On a daily basis, the agency shepherds its clients through business and brand transformations using a consultative process that helps advance business goals.


  • Architect/Design Firm – Gensler
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